Tamara Trusseau writes for Female First
Tamara Trusseau writes for Female First

Emotional healing is perhaps one of the most significant and fundamental aspects of existence. Its colossal power remains vital to natural development and its timeless quality sets the scene for continuity and growth. The beauty of emotional healing lies to some extent with its ripple effect. Its cleansing ability creates room for optimism, while its nourishing properties can promote a sense of renewed contentment. This sensation of emotional recuperation can then gradually instigate productivity in all areas of life.

Unsurprisingly, the healing process is very much an individual experience and as such should be treated with vision and sensitivity. While there are no definitive rules and regulations, taking the following questions into account can prove beneficial in deciding which approach to adapt and also how to achieve the best results, given the relevant circumstances. The appropriate points include:

  1. What is your own personal understanding of the reasons that have contributed towards emotional vulnerability?
  2. Has this been an on-going dilemma or a recent development?
  3. Is there a pattern that seems consistent with your emotional highs and lows?
  4. Is your sense of well-being primarily governed by a particular person or situation?
  5. Is there an emotionally induced tonic that calms and sooths you, even if only for a short period of time?
  6. Are you aware of an emotionally driven resolution or attitude that allows for a more permanent and integral sense of empowerment?
  7. To what extent have environmental conditions contributed towards any insecurity or fragility?
  8. Have any environmental or peripheral influences proved particularly beneficial as far as the healing process is concerned?
  9. Can you reflect on all relevant factors associated with current conditions in an emotionally detached and objective manner?
  10. Have you made any conclusive decisions that would change current dynamics?
  11. How would you describe your existing relationship with yourself?

Answering these crucial questions can help unlock the door towards prominent emotional healing and of course the consequential arrival of new horizons. Without a reasonable amount of recuperation from undesirable negative conditions, the initial search for a more constructive direction may prove overbearing and difficult. A state of relative emotional tranquillity is required in order to achieve clarity of perspective. This in turn will lead to a more heightened sense of vision and intuitive awakening.

The best approach towards the exploration of new horizons lies with combining methodical analysis and instinctive realisation. Once more, certain questions should be taken into consideration in order to assist with the process. These include:

  1. From a logical perspective, what do you think may be your next move?
  2. From an emotional angle, how would you describe your feelings towards your next move, particularly if you have chosen a specific option to follow through?
  3. What do you imagine ‘new horizons’ can mean to your life, given the emotional intensity of previous events?
  4. What do you believe are the lessons contained in recent experiences?
  5. Have you taken into consideration any relevant lessons, while exploring new directions?
  6. From an instinctive perspective, is there something that you feel strongly drawn to?

More often than not, the concept of time is looked upon as an essential component towards recovery on every level. In relation to emotional and spiritual healing in particular, the true meaning of time plays a vital role. If we consider the primary objective of life as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment, then from a broader perspective it can be assumed that there is a direct link between the notion of time and the various cycles of learning. This then also implies that time functions on an individual level as the acquirement of knowledge often contains personal and particular connotations. Taking this further, once again, the individual qualities attached to emotional healing may be highlighted, as the process is greatly dependent upon observation, digestion of facts, acknowledgement and acceptance. This particular synchronicity works best outside any specific duration of time, allowing individual needs to programme the natural flow of improvement.

While every case should be examined on its own merit, it must always be remembered that periodically the universe tests our boundaries in an effort to accommodate for productivity and expansion. By recognizing the cycles of change, we honour and respect our own sense of existence as we gently embrace the ever-surprising journey of life.

Tamara Trusseau Bio

Tamara Trusseau is an internationally renowned psychic and relationship expert.

Tamara Trusseau’s psychic skills and achievements stem from a diverse spectrum of psychic and creative endeavours. Her psychic skills include, aura therapy, colour therapy, runes, crystals and automatic writing. I have a passion for cards and host numerous workshops and seminars on related subjects.

Referred to as the 'Love Goddess' by the viewers of Psychic Today, Tamara’s expertise has revolved successfully around the ideology of self-discovery and empowerment. She has been inspired to write a variety of articles on related topics and has been holding regular tutorials.

Tamara is also the author of the best-selling book, The Key to Your Dreams. Her vast and extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, mystical and psychic realm allowed me to write the book in an accessible and informative manner, utilising actual case studies and examining the intellectual, psychological and mystical properties of this intriguing and provocative subject.

For further information on Tamara Trusseau, visit www.tamaratrusseau.com

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