Australian Fashion Tech Brand Wants to Help You Look After Your Unmentionables



Australian underwear brand Modibodi™ is landing in the UK, combining gorgeous and comfortable underwear with incredible technology to offer period, pee and perspiration proof underwear. That's right they have underwear to stop you sweating at the gym (their Active range) and undies that are sassy and stylish which leave you dry and odour free! Say goodbye to leaks and smells and keep your unmentionables happy with this new undies range and a whole host of ways.

First of all take a look at what is happening down there. That’s right, have some alone time, grab a hand mirror and get looking. It's amazing how many women have never fully inspected their vagina but looking at it close up will allow you to spot anything unusual or any changes

You are what you eat and eating live cultures such as Greek yoghurt boosts the good bacteria down below and we all know it’s great for preventing annoying vaginal problems. Just make sure it’s sugar free as sugar can make you more prone to those pesky infections

To soap or not to soap, that is the question - scented soap is fab, the smell, the way it feels on your skin, pure bliss but keep it away from your genitals. Soap can dry out the skin. The best thing is to rinse with just warm water to keep things clean down there. If you feel you need to use a soap then opt for a plain, gentle and unscented soap,

Why we’re at it be careful what you put up there (no jokes) your vagin iis self-cleaning - amazing hey and doesn't need any douching or intravaginal hygiene products

Think about what you wear when working out. A lot of women choose to go commando at the gym or workout in lace knickers, which can cause irritation and lead to infection. That’s why Modibodi have invented the Active range, special undies for the gym made with sweat wicking Merino fabric and with a patented Modifier Air Technology™ to leave you as dry as the Sahara Desert

Lube up - do not be afraid to use lube it can stop irritation and dryness which is a common for many women and pick a water based one to decrease infection

Watch the antibiotics, whilst they can fight an infection, they can also cause one down below. Antibiotics kill off some of the Lactobacilli that helps keep your vagina healthy, Hence why after antibiotics you’re more likely to have a case of thrush

Don’t be afraid of vaginal discharge just recognise what’s healthy. Around the time you release an egg (ovulation) discharge can be thick and look like raw egg, it is perfectly normal. If it has a strong colour or odour then you might need to get it checked out

Always wipe front to back, this will decrease your risk of infection

Choose your underwear wisely, pick something made with breathable materials such as Modibodi

The full range can be found at with prices ranging from £15.50 to £25 for underwear collections and the swimwear starting at £31.50.

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