No challenge is too difficult to overcome if you are determined. No matter the challenges you face, you can still be successful. However, this requires you to invest the energy to improve your life. Your past or current situation does not determine your future. All you need is an opportunity to change your life. That was the story behind the now-booming Lashes De Anna, founded, owned, and run by Anna B.

Anna B

Anna B

Lashes De Anna is the go-to eyelash studio in Los Angeles. The company has quite a unique story and succeeded through the hard work of its founder, Anna B. Anna's passion and determination made her studio the best option for celebrities, influencers, models, and all women throughout the country. The question is how did Lashes De Anna rise to that position despite the competition?

Anna migrated to the US about 7 years ago with nothing to her name. She left her home country to start a new life in the US, where she had to overcome many of life's challenges. Anna had to adapt to the new culture, climate, language, people, economy, and everything new.

These factors significantly impacted her life and could have driven her to give up. However, Anna remained committed to her dreams and passion. Her challenges shaped her and opened her mind to entrepreneurship, which is when she started Lashes De Anna. Anna has built a renowned eyelash studio in Los Angeles and caters to celebrities seeking her services. In an interview, she revealed that celebrity clients such as Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera have had Lashes De Anna Lashes on for many important events such as the Grammys, concerts and Music events . Some other notable international stars who have used her services include Rosilia (for the 2020-2021 Grammys) Instagram superstars such as Nikita Dragun, Morgan Osman, Jordyn Woods, Desi Perkins, Jordie Woods, and many others have benefited from her services. Lashes De Anna has certainly established itself as the leader in the industry.

Anna’s journey to stardom was not easy, her journey has valuable lessons for many aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of success. In an interview, Anna encourages people that hard work and perseverance pay off. It may take time, but no effort is in vain. People should know that nothing makes itself, and there is no easy way to change your life. With these in mind, Anna still dreams big. Anna wants Lashes De Anna to become a national brand and get featured on, which has the largest audience in the beauty industry. She wants to open multiple locations across the country for supplies and services and open a beauty school for learning eyelash extension applications.

Anna and her Lashes De Anna eyelash studio have remained ahead of the competition with unique eyelash styling. Her artwork stands out above the rest thanks to her coined wispy cat eye, which is the epitome of perfection. She is committed to excellence and guarantees her clients nothing but the best. No competitor matches her level, and she treats every customer like family. Who wouldn’t want to keep coming back? LashesDeAnna will soon takeover Los Angeles!