Cooking every meal at home can get a bit dull, but it also means we have plenty of time to experiment with new dishes. The latest food craze to come out of quarantine boredom? Pancake cereal.

‘Pancake cereal’ is the latest food craze to sweep social media

‘Pancake cereal’ is the latest food craze to sweep social media

The trend started on TikTok and has now spread across social media. Luckily, you don't have to learn any new, complicated recipes for this one – you just need to know how to make pancakes.

The way it's put together is simple: you make a pancake batter (flour, eggs and milk), and instead of a big pancake, you cook up tiny dots of the mixture in a frying pan. The cereal part comes from putting the tiny pancakes in a bowl and drizzling over lots of syrup and butter, eating it all with a spoon, preferably for breakfast.

To achieve the small bits of dough, you'll have to pipe the mixture into an oiled frying pan. You can either do this by putting the batter into a bottle and squeezing it out through a nozzle, or if you don't have the kit using a sandwich bag with a corner cut off will work just as well. Thankfully, this isn't the kind of dish you need a lot of precision with, so your pancakes can look as irregular as you like – as long as you keep them small and cute.

Some people are even pouring milk into their bowl to really replicate the cereal experience, but this is a divisive move as it could lead to soggy pancakes.

The key is to make your pancakes so small they actually look like they could be tiny bits of cereal.

You can keep your recipe simple with a regular pancake batter slathered in syrup and butter, but or you could switch things up a bit by adding chocolate chips, sweets or fruit into the mix.

And as with most sugar-filled food trends, people were soon coming up with healthier alternatives.

Some people have been comparing these cute, fluffy pancakes to the Dutch dish of poffertjes. These treats are similarly small and spongey bits of fried batter, although they tend to include yeast, which isn't found in a classic pancake recipe.

Pancake cereal is yet another reason why breakfast food is the best kind of food – no contest.