With the most “romantic” day of the year fast approaching many of us have plans to celebrate with our partner which often includes alcohol. Experienced wine merchant, keen mixologist and founder of non alcoholic soft drink ‘Botonique’, Hilary Marsh reveals four reasons on why you should avoid alcohol on Valentine’s Day. Hilary Marsh still loves to drink wine, but realises the negative effects it can have on our bodies. She created Botonique as part of her concept to ‘pace and replace’, allowing people to continue to drink their favourite beverages, but in moderation and with a great alternative non-alcoholic option in between.

To remember your night out

To remember your night out

No Hangover!!

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year so many of us are likely to have work early the next day. Therefore in order to prevent a hangover avoid alcohol on Valentine’s to ensure you have a productive day and don’t sleep through your alarm. Cutting down on or avoiding alcohol completely does not have to be a reason to miss out on fun. Quality time with your partner is a rare occasion in our busy lives and it is important to remember it is very easy to enjoy time with your partner without the need of excess alcohol consumption.

Avoid Embarrassing Situations

We lose our inhibitions when we have had a drink, many of us know from experience that this can lead to embarrassing drunken behaviour as we do not realise what we are doing or saying, such as insulting someone without realising or falling over in the street. Other people’s feelings are less likely to be considered after alcohol intake and we are much likely to express our feelings or reveal what has been playing on our minds that we have not yet had the confidence to have unveiled sober.

Remember The Memories

Alcohol is a depressant and if we consume too much long term memory loss is common. Avoiding alcohol on Valentine’s Day means you will be able to create and remember memories with your partner. Alcohol affects everyone differently, excess alcohol can cause aggressive mood swings and heightened emotions in some individuals as we become over confident after a drink which often can result in unnecessary conflict that otherwise would have been avoided if alcohol was not consumed.

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you conquered Dry January? It is widely regarded that it takes 66 days for an action to become a habit, then why not keep up your good work into February and reap the rewards including financial savings and added health benefits from reducing your alcohol consumption. Reducing your alcohol intake can benefit your health in a plethora of ways; research has shown that excessive drinking is linked to over seven different types of cancer and over sixty diseases. Maintain your health kick this February including Valentine’s Day and replace alcohol with a soft drink or mocktail!