It is the playground game of ‘you’re it’ – turned pro

Yes – you read right – that game you spent your childhood years playing, chasing friends around the playground, is now a professional sport

World Chase Tag

World Chase Tag

It was created when founder, Christian Devaux, was playing ‘tag’ in the garden with his son

Christian, working in the hospitality industry at the time, saw an opportunity to make the game an actual sport during a game of tag with his son – and partnered with his brother Damien to trademark World Chase Tag

The first ever World Chase Tag event happened in 2016

.. and it went viral! There have been over 250 million views of their ‘chases’ online to date

The rules are simple – a chaser and evader go head to head

There are two people in play – the chaser and the evader – and each chase lasts 20 seconds. Whoever wins the chase stays on

Professionals are making big money playing ‘tag’…

Each year there is a global tournament and one team is crowned the world champion – with an awesome prize! The reigning champs, Marrero Gang, took home $5,000 last year for taking the title

And the sport has become so popular that they even made a film about it

Hollywood legend Jon Hamm starred in the 2018 movie ‘Tag’ – about a group of friends whose game of ‘you’re it’ has spanned 35 years – and it’s based on a true story!

For the first time ever, anyone can have a go!

The game is coming to London – and this time it isn’t just for pros. Protein snack brand PRO 2GO is bringing World Chase Tag to Shoreditch? Want to play? Book a slot here:

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World Chase Tag is coming to London on Wednesday 26th and 27th June. To book a limited slot for the event at York Hall visit: