We chat to Stephanie Morton-Small, CCO at Finca Decero a world-class wine estate in Argentina comes ‘The Owl & The Dust Devil’ one of the most exciting developments in the wine world. Cutting edge technology combined with fine wine which gives you a unique experience directly with a bottle ‘The Owl & The Dust Devil’ in your hand!

Stephanie Morton-Small

Stephanie Morton-Small

Has Finca Decero always been focused on new technology?

No, actually Finca Decero is a single vineyard wine estate, where we make wines which reflect our unique terroir at 1050m above sea level in the Andes in Mendoza Argentina. The wines have been highly acclaimed and last year 2015 Decero Malbec, Remolinos Vineyard was named in the Top 100 wines of 2017 by Wine Spectator.

What was the inspiration behind ‘The Owl & The Dust Devil’?

Well, our Remolinos vineyard, named after the whirlwinds, is sustainably farmed and we do everything by hand. It is incredibly tranquil and over the years little lechuza owls have made their home there. They sit on the posts of the vineyard watching over everything and eating insects and small pests of the vines. It seems as if they are protecting the vines. Every now and again little whirlwind dust devils form along the paths and the owls swoop down, it looks as though they are trying to chase the dust devils away, to protect their precious vines! Of course, for English speakers, the alliteration of the name is an ode to poetry.

What is the wine?

It is a red blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Tannat all sourced from our sustainably farmed Remolinos Vineyard. It is a silky, smooth blend with great structure.

Why did you use cutting technology with this wine?

Given the beauty of Finca Decero and this mystical battle of nature, I wanted to move away from traditional story-telling on the back label. I wanted to bring this magical scene alive for people, so I decided to create a short animation film. I did intensive storyboarding and the voiceover in a music studio and launched it on ‘The Owl & The Dust Devil’ website. Then a month or so later I was looking at the potential of augmented reality, with that I thought I could really give each person who buys a bottle a unique multi-sensory experience. So, with a digital partner I developed an app which I believe is the first to combine augmented reality with animation film. You point your phone at the label and you watch it come alive, you can move the owl, blow up the dust devil and have an extraordinary vision of what we see every day at Finca Decero.

Honestly, I think it is the ultimate dinner party wine! A great conversation starter that will enliven all the senses… and a great way to keep your guests occupied, and impressed, if you are between courses!


Available to purchase at www.amazon.co.uk

App available for download: “The Owl & The Dust Devil” via Apple AppStore or Google Play

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