#britishsummertime is currently trending on Twitter- as people moan endlessly about the rain. But there are some folk out there who like it when it’s chucking it down. Here are just a few things we can learn from their attitude towards the wet weather.

We need it to make our country beautiful

We need it to make our country beautiful

They don’t see rain as a negative- They don’t let rain spoil their day- they still go out for a walk if they want to and venture out on errands- they don’t let it prevent them from living their life. Take heed.

They are well equipped for wet weather- They have a high spec waterproof, always carry an umbrella in their bag and all their coats have hoods. As the well-known quote goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes’. And they are never caught in bad clothes.

They see it as an opportunity- If they want to stay inside they use it to their advantage rather than moping around.  They read, listen to music, clear out their closet, catch up on their favourite TV show, organize, clean or just sit and watch the show.

They love the sound of the rain- They are quite happy to sit and watch the rain falling with an open window so they can hear all of the drips, drops and splashes making their way south.

They see it as necessary- We wouldn’t live in such a lush green landscape if there was no rain in Britain and they often remind you of that fact. They don’t detest the very thing that keeps our grasses green, our flowers colourful and our trees strong.

They see it as a beautiful thing- Rain is responsible for some beautiful photography. Large droplets poised on top of leaves, the globules that cling to spider webs and the little pools of water that reflect the beauty of nature. It’s not something that spoils the landscape but rather a means to highlight it.  

They see it as an opportunity to bring like-minded people together- If they’re looking for love and want someone who’s just as outdoorsy as they are- chances are they will find them walking in the rain too. Do you think walking groups are put off by a bit of water? No! It’s something to talk about during the trek.

It can provide some well needed relief- When it gets hot and muggy, they see it as a way of naturally cleaning the air and cooling things down. And let’s face it- sometimes a good downpour is far more satisfying than putting on the fan.

With rain comes thunder and lightening- People who love rain are generally partial to a thunder storm too- it’s nature’s very own theatrical performance- one you don’t need tickets for and they relish every second.  

They make you think twice- If you utter a bad word about the rain- they remind you of barren landscapes, thirsty animals and people who’ve never experienced something we take for granted and go out of our way to condemn.  


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