Whether you always celebrate this day or even if you don’t, there are certain things associated with Shrove Tuesday that can lead to a healthy decluttering session, so if you are feeling like a purge- here are my top suggestions with the theme of cakes in a pan…

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Frying pans: If you have more than one of these, choose the best to make your pancakes today and have a good look at the rest. Take any that have seen better days to your local refuse centre for recycling. And if you are getting rid of your one and only frying pan that has come to the end of its life, consider investing in one that has a lifetime guarantee such as the brand Stellar so you never have to replace one again. 

Pancake mix: If you make pancakes throughout the rest of the year, you may already have a few mixes in your store cupboard so check the dates on them before you add the egg and water as you may need to pitch a few of them. And if they all need to go- sorry but you will need to make one from scratch! 

Sauces: Whether your preference is lemon and sugar, chocolate spread or some sort of sweet drizzle like honey or agave, check all the dates on your collection of pancake toppers as you may have a few that have seen better days. Take note of the ones you are having to get rid of as this is a good indication of the flavours and textures you didn’t reach for in the last 12 months and probably should avoid purchasing again to avoid repeat waste. 

Spatulas: You can’t flip your pancake with precision if your plastic spatula has bubbled or snapped, or your metal one has rusted, so while you only really need one- check any extra spatulas in your drawer for those that may need to head straight out the door. 

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Novelty cutters: Perhaps you bought some fun shaped cutters for your children one year or a heart shaped cutter to impress your partner but haven’t used them since. If you have no intention of using them again because they were a nightmare to clean or because they didn’t really come out the way you thought they would- then donate them to your local charity shop so someone else can enjoy the experience of experimenting with different shapes and sizes. 

Whisks: Every pancake needs a good whisk whether it’s made with fresh ingredients or from a packet mix, but if yours has had so much wear it’s no longer functioning at its best, it might be time to let it go.

Pancake maker: Perhaps you fancied yourself as a bit of a pancake enthusiast at some point in your life and it never really took off but you bought all the gear required to make them- including a pukka pancake maker. If so, it might be time to list this on Facebook Marketplace or eBay to pass on to someone who is at that time in their life right now and you can recoup some of the money you spent! 

And remember- for the most minimalist Pancake Day of all- you don’t need most of the above- simply buy them pre-made, cover them with your favourite topper and enjoy!

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