As many of us sit at our desks, responding to emails and checking our never-ending to-do lists, we’re often left dreaming of a more idyllic lifestyle; setting our own hours, travelling the world, indulging in expensive treats and finally breaking free from the same four walls of our office.

; I am self-made and from the comfort of my home can earn as much as a high-flying city worker, without the inconvenience of a commute!

; I am self-made and from the comfort of my home can earn as much as a high-flying city worker, without the inconvenience of a commute!

However, we’re often awoken from this dream by the nuisance that is reality; with bills to pay and bosses on our case, we knuckle back down. After all, what could realistically finance this kind of lifestyle?

It seems that an increasing number of women across the country are discovering a unique solution to this dilemma; cam-girling. This is no longer the sleazy, corrupt industry many people think. Instead, elite cam girling sites are giving women the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and adult entertainers, earning hundreds of pounds in a matter of hours. One of these websites is ‘Off the Record’ (OTR); a chic and modern platform, OTR is working to dispel the myths surrounding cam girls and their work. The models using this site are business women in their own right, creating personal brands and cultivating profitable careers which are dictated solely by themselves. Offering a sophisticated service, OTR is proving that camming really is worth considering.

Evidently, this new breed of camming site is creating an exciting new path for driven women, determined to fulfil their wildest fantasies whilst earning an impressive salary. Although, while the money is a nice bonus, this career actually boasts numerous other benefits for the OTR girls which far outweigh the advantage of having a full bank account. From meeting friends for life to finding renewed body confidence and learning what it means to be in total control of our lives, camming is fast becoming a favoured profession for many vibrant, talented women. Gone are the days when cam girls would be subjected to unsafe websites or randy clients; with websites like Off the Record changing the face of camming, a staggering number of us are finding that we can, without risk, form long-standing relationships and awaken our inner female-boss.

Ivy, a 30-year-old ‘Off the Record’ cam girl, explains why she left her 9-5 to become an elite cam girl:

“I was first introduced to cam by a friend, as a little side job I could have. She suggested that this would help me earn extra money for all the travelling I love to do, but it wasn’t long before cam took off for me – it quickly became more than a side-earner! From day one it just worked and within 6 months I’d handed in my notice to the more vanilla job I held as a personal trainer. I realised that I was earning £35 an hour 9-5 when I could be earning double that, if not more, without even leaving the house!

Every cam girl earns a different amount depending on how often they choose to work, we have full control over our schedules and content, so this will fluctuate for each model. Similarly, the amount we earn varies depending on what we do on cam; some girls are more seductive in their performances, whilst others simply chat and give their viewers someone to talk to. I personally earn more than £120k a year now and can work from anywhere in the world, I’m definitely not complaining!

A lot of people presume that viewers make demands and us cam girls have no option but to oblige, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve found camming to be an incredibly empowering career because we only do what we’re happy with. I wouldn’t do anything that crossed my moral ground; if it’s not for me, the money doesn’t matter, I will say no thank you. We can be as adventurous or vanilla as we like; some of the girls have regulars with more unique fetishes and they love it! We all have something different that truly makes us tick. What we do online are things we enjoy, otherwise what’s the point in doing it?

No one should ever feel embarrassed about being a cam girl; there’s still a stigma surrounding the profession, but the more open we are about what we do the more people will realise that it’s not the seedy job they think it is. Being a cam girl has helped me in so many ways; I’m still the same person I was before, but I drive a nice car, I’m able to save a good amount each week to buy a beautiful house and I can plan for a fulfilled future. Most importantly, I have the freedom to do exactly as I please, treat the people I love and rely financially on no one; I am self-made and from the comfort of my home can earn as much as a high-flying city worker, without the inconvenience of a commute!

Many the girls who join ‘Off the Record’ are also a little concerned about their family and friends finding out; they’re proud and full of the confidence you need don’t get me wrong, but some simply don’t want to share this side of their lives. That’s absolutely fine and we’re fully protected online, I’ve been a cam girl for three years and my family still don’t know. As far as they know, I have a strong work ethic, earn a healthy wage and most importantly, I’m happy. That’s all that really matters”.

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