Nipping out to grab a quick Itsu lunch, or tucking into a moreish sushi platter from Wasabi, is sadly, not yet possible. Sachets of wasabi and soy sauce and clutches of chopsticks sit unused, while it's not unusual to find yourself feeling wistful at the memory of the YO! Sushi conveyor belt. Is it still turning?

World Sushi Day: 7 of the best accounts to follow to get your sushi fix

World Sushi Day: 7 of the best accounts to follow to get your sushi fix

But it's World Sushi Day, meaning it's prime time to make sashimi and nigiri at home (regardless how rustic your dragon rolls might look), or at least drool over some of the best sushi out there.

This lot should get you inspired…

1. Shoji at 69 Leonard Street, New York

Shoji at 69 Leonard Street is a NYC fine-dining joint that serves seasonal edomae sushi (where fish is marinated and preserved for a few days before serving) and a kappo-style kaiseki (multi-course) menu, courtesy of Tokyo and Kyoto-trained chef Derek Wilcox. The food is basically art.

2. A Cook For Life

Mike Lewis is the former group executive chef at Yo! Sushi, and his feed is full of recipe ideas and trials, sushi and sandos (sandwiches). He makes Japanese food look fun and accessible – for you and the kids to make.

3. Ikeda, London

It might be a fancy Mayfair restaurant, but Ikeda's Instagram feed is filled with simple yet quirkily shot sushi, as well as other traditional Japanese dishes (their tempura looks ridiculously crisp and delicious).

4. Wa Sushi, Galway

This community-minded Irish restaurant, run by Yoshimi Hayakawa, focuses on healthy, balanced, homemade Japanese dishes, with a huge side of joy. Their posts (especially the 'sushi rangers' are particularly amusing.

5. Happy Maki

With all the seafood involved, vegans and vegetarians can feel a little left out when it comes to sushi – but not so with Happy Maki. The festival favourites are titans of super colourful vegan sushi rolls.

6. Isana Sushi Bar, Tokyo

Tokyo is, of course, the ultimate destination for sushi fiends, but with travel options practically nonexistent at the moment, we'll just have to experience the masterful culinary attention to detail via Instagram. Isana Sushi Bar is a tiny restaurant where sea urchin rules the menu.

7. Diaries of a master sushi chef

For 'how to' home sushi videos, check out Florida-based chef (and Gordon Ramsay's mate) Hiroyuki Terada's YouTube channel and Insta.