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Tarot on Female First

Tarot on Female First

Aries - Judgement - Karma is about to be handed out to you on a plate and whether it will be good or bad will all depend on your past actions!

Taurus - 9 Of Wands - Life seems like a constant battle and you are so weary but keep going! Victory is head of you as long as you keep pushing on! Do not give up this late in the game now!

Gemini - The Magician - Success! The magician is a great sign that things are going to go your way and you will reap the rewards! Expect a turn around for the better.

Cancer - 7 Of Swords - Someone is holding back information, they are not being completely honest with how they are feeling or their intentions, trust your gut and tread carefully!

Leo - Queen Of Pentacles - Life will seem more grounded and balanced in the coming month. Money will not be such a hardship and you will be planning for the future.

Virgo - Page Of Cups - Romance is here for you! Expect a romantic message from a love interest. This card means someone is thinking favourably of you and hopes for more!

Libra - Queen Of Cups - People will be drawn to you this month. Your open and kind nature will be like a magnet to them and your nurturing side will really come out!

Scorpio -  King Of Pentacles - An Earth sign male will come up trumps for you this month. This man is likely to be established and I feel they will be giving you very important life guidance.

Sagittarius - The Devil - Watch out for addictive or toxic behaviour, You should know better by now! So if there is a new bad boy in your life, it will not end well.

Capricorn - Ace Of Wands - Passion and creativity here! New ideas, passions and maybe even a brand new hobby is coming in for you giving you a new lease of life! A hidden talent will be revealed!

Aquarius - Death - Although an ending may be painful, it is making way for a brand new and more positive beginning, Do not hold onto people for the wrong reasons, they are only holding you back.

Pisces - 9 Of Cups - The cat that got the cream! You will be feeling very happy with yourself this month! A big achievement will be coming in for you and you can sit back and 'enjoy the roses' a little!