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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

Mercury moves from Pisces and into Aries at the end of this week. And the Moon is Full in Libra mid-week. Today (Monday) both Saturn and Venus are beginning their journeys through Aquarius and Gemini respectively. Big energies and opportunities for compassionate thinking. As we look back, and then forward, it is for us to notice the smaller thoughtful gestures made by others. And to be kind to ourselves and each other. And to dream. The Full Moon reminds us always to dream!


The expression about ‘counting the pennies and the bigger amounts of money take care of themselves’ seems apt for you this week, Aries. Aspects on Tuesday may ask you to look at finances or energy levels and to plan ahead. At the end of the week someone from your past asks to connect and the decision is all yours to make!


Taurus, you are likely to be very busy and so much in demand that you may need to start prioritising your schedule. And perhaps the key is to begin with you. That hobby you’ve wanted to begin or the book waiting to be read. Earth signs need balance this week and there are no exceptions. Decide on your first action for this week and then the second … no racing ahead to task 33!


There are no restrictions to hold that amazing and crazy imagination in check right now Gemini. Your quick and sharp insights are a much needed relief to those around you and, whether you take part in a quiz or write an email, at least one family member will be very pleased that you take the time to brighten up their day.


The Moon, your ruler, has a very full and strong mission to undertake this week and you, dear Cancerian, may well feel that your senses are all on high alert. From phone calls to emails to calls for ‘homework’ help - you are needed by all. It is perfectly fine to say ‘No’ occasionally and especially around mid-week during that Full Moon time.


Keep aware of finances this week and of just what money is coming out of which account. You may need to borrow some Virgo energy and create a spreadsheet which, given your Leonine creativity, could use some coloured columns! All will balance out eventually however attention is needed this week to look at the household budget and income … and so get those highlighters ready, Leo!


As this week unfolds, Virgo, you will have more vision and more energy to see where you are heading and, perhaps crucially, more of an idea of how to get there. It is fine to plan and dream and set intentions in place for the coming months and to involve others in your curiosity and inspirations. Just remember, especially Tuesday/Wednesday, to give yourself time to sit quietly and to balance the inner and outer!


The moon in your sign brings a full beam light to your dreams. Find ways to distract yourself from all the noise around you. Or maybe you will allow yourself time to learn something new. Whatever you decide to do please know that the use of your dreamtime energy will propel you forwards towards where you want to be much later this year.


Over the past few weeks your instructions have been made clear as you have visions to share with everyone. And now it is time for you to delve into the arts and give Venus, newly in Gemini and poised to help you, an opportunity to shine. Whether you write the book or sing a song, this is your time to show the world how the arts can channel a sense of purpose.


Thursday and Friday are your days Sagittarius! What will you imagine, create, weave together or make? Highly inventive and productive … if you wish! Balance those inspired activities with quiet time this week. Perhaps a quiet time around the Full Moon and then release that imagination later in the week!


With Saturn and Mars having moved into Aquarius there is slightly less pressure on you, Capricorn. Midweek you may well be feeling as if everyone is asking so much of you again however this is fleeting. How are you getting on with writing that book? Or possibly explaining the book to others. With career opportunities opening up later in the year all of this new information is useful!


Being innovative, inspired and curious about people is your super power Aquarius and, as never before, your wit raises the spirits of all who you connect with. Tuesday has a special invitation for you to talk about a subject close to your heart and to bring that light of inspiration to another person or even group.


Your transformational energy kicks in this week, Pisces. Whilst the beginning of the week may seem intense and full of effort the energy changes midweek and you feel invigorated closer to Saturday. Pace yourself energy wise and allow time for yourself to recharge your batteries and be you!