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Early on in the week, the moon is in the last quarter phase and now is the time to release any unwanted emotions and forgive others. The moon is in alignment with Mars, the planet of dramatic change, energy and strength. This will indicate a major shift in all areas of your life such as relationships, work and home. Mid-week, the waning moon is aligned with Venus, the planet of pleasure, beauty, love and enjoyment. A new cycle is beginning, so get ready to reset your goals and intentions.

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


Leo, you will feel very powerful this week to move forward and have the courage to change situations in your work and personal environment that are not serving you anymore. This will bring back happiness in your life as you are ready for a fresh start.


You will feel very passionate about life but please remember to release any emotional upsets this week. You will need time alone to overcome obstacles and recharge your batteries, so you will be ready for a new venture.


You will be very active this week in improving your home. Venus, your ruling planet will bring lots of joy and love you have been seeking for a while and you are now glad of the recent changes that have occurred in your life.


You are going through a huge rebirth this week but you have the ability to adapt to the changes that will occur. It will take a tow on your emotional state so spend time resting and being outdoors to balance your energies. Enjoy doing activities you love.


You are embracing the surge of energy at the beginning of the week and it gives you the power and confidence to overcome any obstacles. But, do remember to stop and rest as if you don’t you will feel overwhelmed.


Capricorn, release your fears and embrace the changes that are occurring as this will bring you power and confidence to move forward into something new. Remember to take time out this week and do activities that bring you joy.


The vibrant energy of Mars will help push your plans forward with excitement and joy. You enjoy change as it stimulates your ideas and makes them happen. You will feel happy doing things you enjoy this week with your loved ones.


You are feeling really sensitive this week as you are truly in sync with the cycle of the moon. Release any unwanted emotions. Plan what you need to do in your work and relationships. Seek support from loved ones this week.


Mars, your ruling planet will bring all the changes you have been seeking for in your life. This will increase your confidence to develop a new beginning for yourself and others. Love is on the horizon for you.


Your patience will now be rewarded as you have accepted the necessary changes in your life that needed to occur, you are moving into a new cycle of joy and fulfilment.


You feel confident this week as you have made the changes needed to move forward and begin a new cycle. You will feel harmony in your relationships this week.


You will struggle this week with all the emotional upset and stress, instead of worrying, embrace the changes and by the end of the week, you will feel happy that you are embarking on a new journey.

Maria is a scientist in cancer research, with degrees in Biochemistry and Neuroscience from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London. She has worked in prestigious scientific institutes throughout her scientific career, including London School of Pharmacy, Imperial College and The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

She has been an author in many scientific publications, including a first author paper, which is recognition for her scientific research. Maria has taught many medical doctors and students scientific concepts in biology, physics and chemistry. She has supervised them, and helped them pass examinations and obtain MDs and PhDs.

Maria is a gifted third-generation spiritual psychic, incarnated angel, clairvoyant, intuitive reader, angelic reiki practitioner, Atlantean healing practitioner, qualified animal healer and communicator, crystal healer, Einstein channel, public speaker, teacher and author.

From a young age, Maria has been highly sensitive to energetic fields of places and people, and has been blessed with spiritual gifts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand spirituality, and to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.