would you give up sex for a whole month for £10?

would you give up sex for a whole month for £10?

According to a recent poll, Many Britons would be willing to go to unusual lengths for a measly £10. Some of the strangest findings included being a personal slave for a day, running naked down the street and eating dog food! It seems that people have no limits, or are very, very skint!

The study, conducted by www.freebetnegotiator.com, surveyed 1,821 men and women from different areas in the UK as part of British attitudes towards taking a gamble. The study initially asked 'Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker?' 31% said 'yes,' they considered themselves to be risk takers, the majority of people, 42% said 'no,' and the remainder of people, 27% said 'on occasion.' Out of all the people who answered 'yes,' 68% were men.

Most respondents said their main, motivating factors were 'the thrill,' followed by 'monetary reward' and to 'impress peers.' Out of those who said that money was their most motivating factor, were then asked if they were willing to take a greater risk for more money, with the majority of people, 49% saying 'yes, within reason,' 27% said 'no,' and a daring 24% said they would 'take any risk' or a high, monetary reward.

Following this, the study asked how far people would go for £10, with surprising results. The poll gave the respondents a list of unusual, potential actions, some of which were shocking and some were just absolutely bonkers! According to the British public, here are the top ten things deemed acceptable in order to earn £10:

1. Eat dog food – 22%

2. Give up sex for a month 21%

3. Run naked down the street – 19%

4. Be a personal slave for a day – 17%

5. Get a henna tattoo on my forehead – 16%

6. Kiss my boss for ten seconds (regardless of gender) – 15%

7. Do my weekly supermarket shop whilst only being allowed to skip – 13%

8. Let an ex loose on my Facebook page for an hour - 11%

9. Let a friend create an embarrassing online dating profile for me – 9%

10. Wax my entire body (including head) – 8%

Daniel Meck, Co-Founder of FreeBetNegotiator.com, said: “Life is all about taking risks! We take risks when we invest in stocks, buy a used car, or even try a new restaurant. We need to take risks in order to achieve greatness in life. Just think, no social progress or technological innovations would have ever materialised had people been too afraid to push boundaries. If no one took a chance in life then we’d be no more advanced than we were in the Stone Age! So, whilst £10 might seem like a small amount, if you’ve got £10 in your pocket, imagine what that can be turned into? £10 could be the foundation from which to parlay your own empire. Everyone starts somewhere!"

Jessie O'Callaghan-FemaleFirst

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