Passion Overtakes Practicalities When It Comes To Car Buying

Passion Overtakes Practicalities When It Comes To Car Buying

Britain is a nation of car lovers driven by passion over practicalities according to new research from Over a third of drivers (36 per cent) go as far as to say they ‘love’ their car, with 20 per cent of drivers regularly talking to it and 19 per cent giving their car a name.

However, this passion can sometimes backfire as drivers rush headfirst into the buying process, forgetting about basic questions and research.

When it comes to buying a car a quarter of drivers (27 per cent) didn’t do any basic research before handing over their cash, and a quarter of car buyers (25 per cent) didn’t know what to look out for or what questions to ask. This meant that only a third of people (34 per cent) were confident that they got a good deal for their car.

Showing how appearance can trump practicalities - one in ten (10 per cent) say that it is the cars brand image which is key, whilst eight per cent identified colour as the main factor in their decision.

To ensure drivers are making the right choice when it comes to their next car, has teamed up with car expert and motoring author Maria McCarthy to develop a guide to ensure drivers buy the right second hand car and get the best deal possible.

Top tips for buying a second hand car

- Do your research

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family and work colleagues for advice. The more research you do, the more confidence you’ll have

- Find out the registration number... and then do more research

Research the vehicle’s registration on a site like Glass’s, which allows you to check its value, history and even get an insurance quote

- Don’t feel pressured by anyone

If you feel that the seller is patronising you because you are a woman, back off from the deal. There are plenty of great dealers and private sellers out there to give your business to instead!

- Take a friend when buying a car

Take someone with you when buying a car, both for personal safety (if buying privately) and for moral support

- Check the basics before a test drive

Before you take the car for a test drive, make sure that it's got a valid MoT, is road taxed, and that you're insured to drive it

- Be alert during a test drive

When test driving, listen for any strange noises, watch out for flashing lights on the dashboard and ensure the test drive is as similar to how you will be using the car as possible

- Know the average model price

If you've done your research properly you'll already know a fair price for the car - if the seller resists, show them the information on your email printout or phone as proof that you know your stuff!

Hamish Stone from, which offers thousands of second-hand cars in its popular motoring section, adds: "It’s great to see that so many drivers out there really love their cars, but many are putting the relationship in peril before it gets off the ground by not doing the proper research.

"But with over 200,000 cars for sale at any one time, Gumtree is the perfect place to look for the next ‘love’ of your life."

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