The Honda Civic in name has been around for a while so when we were given the opportunity to test one it was a great chance to see how it performs from our prospective.

Civic 1.6 i-DTEC EX 9AT

Civic 1.6 i-DTEC EX 9AT

As our regular visitors know when we test a car we don’t get hung up around 0 to 60’s, or that sort of thing, yes its nice to know but most of us use our vehicles for work, leisure, and getting around on normal roads not race tracks so we put the cars in in real life situations.

The Civic we had delivered was the Civic 1.6i DTEC EX 9AT top of the range model, with every conceivable accessory from blind-spot identification, rear parking camera, and ‘smart entry & start’, and another thirty-nine additional comfort and safety features. The 1.6i diesel is according to reports one of the most efficient engine in its class, according to official figures and our tests agreed with the boffins so that is a major plus to start off with.

After a quick run through the controls first job for the Civic was to get the kids and their belongings to school. The Civic has stacks of space so three kids, one homework project and two full sets of sports-gear fitted in with ease.

In and around the school drop of points the Honda Civics refined and ever so easy handling meant that we were able to navigate the busy and somewhat chaotic areas and deposit the children safely at school. I must say our Civic didn’t feel overawed by some of its fellow cars as nipped in at the expense of the struggling less nimble 4x4’s.

That job done and with class it was time to head out of Manchester and put our Honda Civic to the test on the open road. Our favorite proving ground is over Saddleworth Moors and Snake pass via East Lancashire before joining the M62 and heading out to Hull. Anyone who knows this area will also know how challenging this run is with the ever, changing weather, often strong gale force winds heavy rain, and often fog at this time of the year.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

The Honda Civic took all the twists and turns and heavy rain in its stride handling was superb we particularly noticed how the suspension took much of the roughness from the many potholes we seem to have at the moment, making for a smooth comfortable ride.

The motorway was just as easy to drive as at speed the Civic grips the road and stays on course even with the strong cross winds we encountered. So needless to say we arrived in Whitby feeling refreshed and completely stress free.

So after a spot of lunch at our favourite fish restaurant we headed back to Manchester taking the A6 and the B roads through the Pennines. The Civic couldn’t have been more at home in this environment again taking the twists and turns around narrow country lanes whilst navigating around the frequent encounters with farm traffic – perfect.

Back home we took our Civic shopping at the Trafford Centre, again easy to manoeuvre amongst the pack car park safely this is where the parking camera came into its own – another plus. Finally taking five of us and all our shopping into its well sized interior.

In Conclusion

The Honda Civic is a true contender in the mid-sized car range that delivers everything it says, the nine speed auto we had was a pleasure to drive and either in town or on long difficult journeys it delivers its passengers safe, secure and all including the driver feeling refreshed and stress free ready for the day ahead. Great Car

Check out the Honda Civic’s specification at you will be pleasantly surprised at what the offer.

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