Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – no problem sir
Ferrari 458 Spider – certainly sir
McLaren 12C Coupe – of course sir
Aston Martin Rapide – naturally sir
Ferrari California – immediately sir
Jaguar F Type Roadster – whenever sir

These are names synonomous with luxry motoring and as a member of the Auto Vivendi, they are a collection of cars that can be driven year round by members of what is the UK’s premier private supercar members club.

Members of the club not only enjoy the exclusive use of what is undoubtedly one of the finest collections of the world’s greatest and latest supercars, but have access to a lifestyle that most people can only dream about. Coupled with the enjoyment, excitement and fulfilment of being able to drive these amazing cars at any time of their choosing, Auto Vivendi offers its members a host of global supercar lifestyle opportunities; from private jet trips to European events, glamorous F1 experiences, driving tours over some of the most spectacular roads around the world to wine and champagne tastings and exclusive club membership parties.

“Our specific aim is to offer our members an experience that they couldn’t find anywhere else and to bring likeminded people together. To this end in March this year we added a new dimension to the club when we bought VMAX 200 into the fold, one of the forerunners of the high performance driving sector, whose focus was to put the fun back into driving by offering members an opportunity to gather at exclusive invitation-only events to drive their cars at their maximum speeds – the most recent being the hugely successful Hypermax event where a number of cars achieved speeds in excess of 200 mph. This addition is a perfect fit for the Auto Vivendi brand and has proved extremely popular with our members,” commented Richard Thomas, Founder and Managing Director, Auto Vivendi.

A major benefit of Auto Vivendi membership is that for a fraction of the price of a supercar, members have all the enjoyment without any of the hassles. No maintenance costs, no servicing, no road tax, no insurance and no depreciation all of which are handled by the company.

To apply for Auto Vivendi membership simply call the Club on 0207 625 9400 or email [email protected]

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