Here at Femalefirst we are always looking to find our visitors the perfect car for them and as far as cars that are fit for purpose, then Honda Motors are hard to fault. So, if it’s a versatile hatchback that you have on your shopping list then the much-improved latest version of the Honda Jazz with its contemporary dashboard and reduced running costs - Honda Motors only produce their fourth generation Jazz model as a Hybrid with automatic transmission, then this may just be the one vehicle for you.

The New Honda Jazz 1.5i-MMD Crosstar EX eCVT

The New Honda Jazz 1.5i-MMD Crosstar EX eCVT

Kerb appeal - On the outside the Crosstar version of the all-new Jazz has an increased drive height, new front grill design, black cladding around the wheel arches and sills, and Crosstar specific 16-inch two-tone alloy wheels giving it a SUV look.

Jazz Crosstar Dash
Jazz Crosstar Dash

Interior - The Jazz Crosstar interior has a contemporary look and feel, with different shapes and textures, the centre console with the gear selector is set quite high up and the buttons have a ceramic feel.

The finish is far more luxurious as you go up the range, entry-level SE cars come with plastic interior panels and cloth seats, while in contrast the top of the range EX models have leather interior panels plus half-leather seats – with the Crosstar models getting waterproof seat fabric.

Jazz Crosstar Infotainment Screen
Jazz Crosstar Infotainment Screen

Infotainment - Entry-level models get a 5-inch non-touchscreen system that includes a USB connection, DAB radio and Bluetooth, but not a lot else. The SR models get a 9-inch screen with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto meaning you can use it just like your smartphone. The Crosstar benefits from a built-in sat-nav to the same 9-inch system, with digital controls that are clear and easy to use.

Practicality – Previous versions of the Honda Jazz were noted for clever use of space and this latest version is no exception. There is lots of room in the front for tall adults, and also a couple of tall adults will have no issues with leg or head room in the back, although the middle seat will not accommodate a third adult, (plenty of room for three kids though).

Storage space - There are plenty of places to keep small items as well as a generous glovebox, a large bin beneath the front armrest and a couple of decent front door bins for large water bottles. In the back, each door gets another good-sized bin, plus a pocket on the back of each front seat.

Boot - At just over 300 litres means you will still be able to pack a couple of large suitcases inside made easier to use because its large opening makes it simple to get bulky items in and out of, and it’s so low to the ground, not straining with heavy bags.

Driving – The UK Honda Jazz is sold with a single engine option – a 1.5-litre petrol coupled to two electric motors and a battery pack.

The hybrid power means the Jazz can travel on electricity for short periods giving a return of more than 60mpg if you drive carefully and with 109hp it can comfortably hold its own on fast roads and motorways.

The Jazz is fitted with a CVT automatic gearbox as standard, therefore when you put your foot down, the engine is held at high revs until the desired speed is reached. The engine is quiet, when it isn’t being pushed but if you need to dash up a motorway slip road or overtake something on a country road, you get a bit of engine noise.

Driving in the towns or cities of Manchester and Liverpool is where the Jazz was at its best, easy to handle, responsive, and with its great forward visibility and tight turning circle means you can cut through traffic and squeeze into the tightest of parking spaces and because you are doing this on electric you have no worries with emission charges. 

On country roads The Jazz Crosstar handles well on twisting, wet, muddy roads, brakes well and has positive firm steering. On the motorway it stays put in its lane – no wandering while comfortably keeping up with faster traffic. The Honda Jazz Crosstar also comes with a full suite of safety systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane control that subtly steers to keep you in your lane.


The car we tested was the Honda Jazz 1.5-MMD Crosstar EX – during our testing we took it into busy towns and cities, on longer motorway journeys, and over A and B roads and the Jazz passed all these with flying colours. It was a pleasure to drive and delivered its passengers to their destination in first class condition.

The Jazz Crosstar performs superbly, is economical, has a remarkable and versatile and spacious interior the perfect car for those wanting an active adventurous lifestyle. We loved it!

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