A Car Trash Waiting To Happen

A Car Trash Waiting To Happen

- Messy cars can lead to accidents on the road

- Nearly one fifth (18%) of drivers admit being involved in an accident caused by rubbish in the car

- Half (50%) of UK motorists clean their car once a year or even less

- 8% of car owners have never cleaned the inside of their car

- One in three drivers are embarrassed by the state of their car

Messy motorists in the UK are on the road to ruin. Research released today to launch its Spring car clean initiative reveals that unkept cars can lead to accidents.

Especially for the campaign, Confused.com has teamed up with ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ stars Jessica Wright, Nanny Pat and Sam Faiers for a rubbish-filled photo shoot, raising awareness of the risks we are taking in our cars.

Findings show that Brits are some of the muckiest motorists around, increasing the danger on UK roads. Almost a fifth of us (18%) have been involved in an accident caused by a cluttered car; half (50%) of car owners confess that they only clean the inside of their car once a year and 8% of Brits NEVER clean at all.

Empty cans, bottles and chocolate wrappers are the most common items of rubbish and although they’re seemingly harmless objects, they pose a real danger to road users.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at Confused.com says, "untidy cars are literally littered with potential hazards. Empty cans risk becoming lodged under drivers’ control pedals and crisp packets blowing around in a moving vehicle can distract a driver’s attention. We’re encouraging Brits to Spring clean their cars and de-clutter.

"A clean car provides a safer driving environment, which benefits all UK motorists. The cost of meeting claims after an accident contributes to all our car insurance premiums, so decreasing accident numbers will save money as well as lives."

These ‘messy car accidents’ are becoming a common occurrence. Examples include Gordon Malcolm, 34, from Oxford, who ended up crashing into a wall when his open window blew a crisp packet into his face. Alex Moger, 32, from London had a near miss with a truck when several empty cups and papers fell from the dashboard, distracting him to such an extent that he crossed into a lane of oncoming traffic.

Maureen Jones, 55, from Surrey also ended up in an accident when her grandson’s toy ended up by her feet.

Other findings:

- 52% of Brits confess having had an ‘intimate’ moment in their cars
- The UK’s cars have over £73m* worth of loose change lost in them
- Common things found on our backseats include fancy dress costumes, children’s toys and pet paraphernalia