Nissan Micra -

Nissan Micra -

Honeysuckle pink may not be a familiar sight on the UK’s highways and byways, but that could be about to change according to AutoTrader.

Analysis produced by the UK’s most popular motoring website shows that searches for similarly coloured cars rocketed by 275% after the leading colour guide, Pantone, announced its ‘Colour of the Year’.

Honeysuckle pink, a shade of the more familiar magenta, is set to be the most popular colour of 2011 according to Pantone.

This trend has been reflected in motorists’ online search habits with 9,863 searches for magenta cars on autotrader in January, a huge increase from the 2,629 searches in the previous month.

This suggests that consumers may be looking for a more sophisticated alternative to the Barbie pink VW Beetle and horse-box associated with Katie Price.

Commenting on the findings, Matt Thompson, Group Marketing Director, Auto Trader said: "The choice of car brand, colour and style has always been a popular way for people to express themselves and reveal aspects of their character.

"Pink and magenta cars usually favour the most outgoing personalities but our data suggests that, thanks to Pantone’s seal of approval, a growing number of motorists are keen to embrace it."

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