Are you sure you know all of the signs on the road?

Are you sure you know all of the signs on the road?

We all had to learn them to pass our driving tests; we see them every time we drive and they are vital to road safety, but how many of us actually remember what all the different road signs mean?

Who can really remember The Highway Code, recall stopping distances and recognise all the different road signs?

For most of the nation, driving tests and exams are not much more than a distant memory, and many of us are truly stuck in our ways when it comes to how we drive. But, as we continue to make the same silly mistakes, forget rules and ignore road signs, we are potentially putting ourselves and our fellow drives in danger every time we start the engine and start off.

So with this in mind, the time has come for the nation to be to be tested again, thanks to Goodyear, who champion road safety and are tyre experts. So let’s really see how much we all remember from our driving tests - do you think you’re up to it?

If so, then log into our live and interactive webTV show with Quentin Willson where he will test you to give you an idea of how well you really know your driving laws.

Everyone who enters their answers into the question box below the show, make sure you include your email address as you will automatically be entered into a competition to win a set of Goodyear tyres!

Quentin Willson and Kate Rock join us live online at on Thursday 5th April 2012 at 3pm 

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