Top 5 Tips To Minimise Car Costs

Top 5 Tips To Minimise Car Costs

New research by has found that Brits who own cars 5 years and older spend an average of £6,407 purchasing their cars and spend almost an additional £1,000 a year maintaining, repairing and servicing their car.

But why do we keep on spending money on something that is decreasing in value each day?

Over half (62%) of motorists admit they simply can’t afford to buy a new car, with more than a quarter (28%) believing they are preserving the value of it by maintaining and servicing it.

Although a car is something many of us can’t live without, does the cost of keeping them really have to affect the way we live?

Thankfully help is on hand with racing driver and Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell giving you his top 5 tips for minimising the cost of car ownership.

These simple tips are easy to follow and though they are often overlooked, they help you make the most out of your pride and joy. However when your car has reached the end of the road, Tiff is also able to give advice on what you could do next.

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