4. This Means War
The release date is February 17th and Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine star in this spy/rom-com mix.
The film looks like a very fun and light-hearted story, where two CIA agents (Hardy and Pine) who are also best friends discover they are both dating the same woman, but neither of them want to give her up. They agree to both continue dating her as if neither of them knew about the other, and see who she eventually chooses to continue dating. However, they both have different ideas outside their supposedly happy agreement. They both use everything available to them from tranquiliser darts to breaking into eachothers homes so to ruin eachothers dates with Lauren (Witherspoon).
The film won't win any awards of critical acclaim, but it looks like a stupid, predictable story that most people will enjoy watching. If not for the story, for Tom Hardy and Chris Pine.

5. Wanderlust
Coming to cinemas on March 2nd Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd star in this comedy that sees them as a couple that face unemployment living in New York, so go looking for a new life elsewhere.
Linda (Anniston) and George (Rudd) manage to buy a place in New York and move in ready to start their lives in the big city properly, when George suddenly loses his job. The couple can no longer afford their house so have to move back in with George's parents until they can afford to live alone again. On the drive to Georgia they stop at a B&B along the way, but soon find out it is in fact a hippie commune.
Once again, this sounds like a very predictable film, but the thought of Jennifer Anniston living as a hippie is not one that can be easily passed up. Paul Rudd seems to be hilarious in anything he graces his presence with, so this film is sure to be a hit.

6. The Five-Year Engagement
Released on April 27th and stars Jason Segal, Emily Blunt, Rhys Ifans, Chris Pratt and Alison Brie.
Like Paul Rudd, pretty much anything that Jason Segal is in seems to be filled with laughter and funny moments, so you can almost guarantee this will be a good film.
Co-written by Segal this film sees Tom (Segal) propose to Violet (Blunt) just before she gets a promotion. The promotion comes with a move to Michigan, and a delay for the wedding until they return after Violet's two year contract ends. Once the two years in Michigan is almost up, Violet's boss (Ifans) gives her the good news that they are extending her contract for another two years. It's at this point both of the couple's families start pressuring them into getting married sooner, and cracks start to show in the relationship. As the title suggests, their engagement eventually becomes a five-year deal, but you have to wait to see the film before you know whether the five year engagement ends in a wedding or not. I know what I'd put my money on...
Thankfully Emily Blunt keeps her British accent in the film rather than attempting an American twang.

7. Snow White and the Hunstman
The release date is June 1st, and this epic twist on an old tale see Kristen Stewart as Snow White with co-stars Christ Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Sam Clafin and Lily Cole.
Snow White escaped the Evil Queen Ravenna's (Theron) clutches into the woods after learning that her stepmother, the Queen, wanted to kill her and eat her heart so that she would be entitled to the thrown rather than Snow White, just as the Magic Mirror had told her to. The Queen sends the Hunstman into the woods to to find and kill Snow White, but on finding her, he winds up becoming her protector and ally in a quest to vanquish the Queen instead.
Not a giant leap from how she played Bella Swan in Twilight, Stewart plays a dark and sligtly sinister princess in this remake of the classic story, which is fitting given the information she has found out about her stepmother wanting to consumer one of her vital organs. The whole film is shrowded in mystery and darkness that brings a more sophisticated and grown up side to the story, as a result of beign taken from the Brothers Grimm version.
The film wouldn't be complete without the seven dwarves ready to help Snow White, they are played by Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost, Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Toby Jones and Eddie Marson.

8. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
With a release date of August 2nd, this epic title sees Dominic Cooper, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Alan Tudyk, Rufus Sewell, and Benjamin Walker play out an alternative history for the former American president.
Based on the novel of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith, this story is a mash-up of two other books; Abraham Lincoln and Vampire Hunter.
The film sees Abraham Lincoln (Walker) discover his mother was killed not by disease or illness but by a vampire. After this discovery Lincoln grows a strong hatred toward vampires and makes it his duty to erradicate them from the Earth. Whilst on his quest he meets Henry Sturges (Cooper) a vampire, who teaches Lincoln about vampires, and how there are good ones, and evil ones, and how to tell the difference, and how to kill them. Lincoln and Sturges soon become good friends and form almost a crime-fighting duo whereby Sturges sends Lincoln the names of evil vampires and Lincoln finds and kills them.
The plot follows actual points in history, and meets historically correct figures, some who are vampires, some who are not, but it's a very clever marriage between fiction and legitimate history. It looks set to be a great film, so watch out for it!

9. Total Recall
Released on August 22nd and technically isn't a remake. Although there was a film of the same name back in 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger based on the same book this one is based on, they are different stories entirely.
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale was a short story written by Philip K. Dick and was made into a movie that saw Schwarzenegger go on holiday to Mars, but it all became a bit of a scramble, because the whole basis of the story is that a company has computer chip type things that they install into you so you genuinely think you have done whatever is on the chip. It was a good idea, but the story did get a little hazy, so hopefully this new version will be a lot easier to follow.
This version stars Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell, Bill Nighy and Bryan Cranston, and rather than seeing Colin Farrell go to Mars the same as Schwarzenegger, the whole story is different. This time, Farrell is a factory worker in Euromerica who keeps having violent nightmares and begins to get the feeling they aren't nightmares but his memory beginning to fight it's way back, and somehow his own life and memories have been replaced. He begins to believe he is a spy working either for a Euromerica or a New Shangai governemnt agency, but with very few memories to go on, has no idea which side of the battle he is on.

10. Looper
It's released on September 28th and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.
It's a bit of a sci-fi thriller cross over. The film follows hit-man Joe (Gordon-Levitt) who works for a mob from the future who send him hits from their time back to his to kill them. However, one many who comes throught the time machine Jow recognises as his future self (Willis).
It sounds like a story line with lots of twists, turns, heartache, and will he/won't he moments, that might just make it an unexpected blockbuster.

11. Rise of The Guardians
Released on December 7th this star studded Dreamworks Animation movie looks promising.
With the voices of Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law as The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, The Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and The Boogeyman this animation looks like the type of film that will thrill adults and children of all ages.
The story is that of one little boy who has to choose between good (the list above from the Easter Bunny to Santa) and evil (the Boogeyman). It is based on the books by William Joyce, and follows a quest of discovery of a new fairytale land based upon character everybody already knows.
Not many original animations are coming out this year, so this one being out just in time for next Chrismtas (even though the last one has only just left us!) will work well with children (and adults) who want to get into the festive spirit.

12. ATM
This film doesn't have a UK release date yet. Or a US one in fact. But it was meant to be released at the  tail end of last year and got pushed back, so hopefully it'll make it over to cinemas here at some point this year.
It stars Alice Eve (Big Nothing, She's Out of My League), Josh Peck (Drake and Josh, Ice Age 2-4), and Brian Geraghty (Hurt Locker, Jarhead, When a Stranger Calls).
Chris Sparling penned the film, he also wrote Burried, starring Ryan Reynolds which was all about a man stuck in a coffin, so the whole film was set in a seven by three foot box. Interesting. This film sees a slightly bigger set, an typically American ATM vestibule. It sounds like such a crazy idea for a film, I think it is probably worth seeing. It sees the three main stars on their way home from an office Christmas party stopping to get some money on their way home, but whilst in the vestibule something goes on. A strange man seems to lock the three people in and the vestibule is in such a remote location, that nobody knows they are there.
The film sounds like an extended version of Phone Booth, the Colin Farell film from 2002. It shares a similar pretence; man stuck on phone, people stuck in vestibule, if man leaves phone people get shot, if people leave vestibule they will get hurt.
Hopefully the film won't be pushed back any further, and be enough of a success in America to make it over here!

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