Sacha Baron Cohen reteams with Borat director Larry Charles for more scandalous shenanigans and mockumentary mayhem.

Following the phenomenal success of Ali G Indahouse and Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen takes another of his Da Ali G Show characters to the big screen.

This time, all eyes are on Bruno, a gay television reporter from Austria with a penchant for fashion, mesh vests and very tight lederhosen.

After wreaking havoc at Milan Fashion Week where he storms the catwalk at the Prada show, Bruno travels stateside to shock, befuddle and bemuse an unwitting American public.

He talks Sex and the City with a group of rugged, middle-aged huntsmen, attends an army training session in D&G underwear, adopts an African baby a la Brangelina and Madonna (and goes on a talk show to discuss it), and strips in front of former presidential candidate Ron Paul. Needless to say, Mr Paul is not amused - but comedy fans certainly will be.

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno is released 10th July

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