We have all seen them; the movie where the beautiful blonde falls for the overwhelmingly, plain best friend.

From uncomfortable age gaps to nauseating lip locks, Hollywood has made us fall in love with, or cringe with, the Top Ten Unlikely On-screen Romances.

10. Steve Carell & Keira Knightley - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Steve Carell’s receding hair line and geeky charm has sparked the love interest of superstar Keira Knightley, as they share one too many lip locks, and even an uncomfortable encounter in between the sheets.

9. Vince Vaughn & Malin Akerman - Couples Retreat

Awkwardly hovering above Malin at an enormous 6 foot 5 inches, every screen shot of the unlikely couple seems wildly out of proportion.

Although Vince’s witty charm does compensate for his mammoth frame and apparent beer belly, it also landed him coveted spot 9 on the countdown.

8. Seth Rogan & Katherine Heigl - Knocked Up

Seth Rogan’s character Ben Stone is probably high fiving his stoned buddies right now, as accidently getting a bombshell like Katherine Heigl pregnant is probably the biggest achievement of his lazy, party loving life.

7. Shia Labeouf & Megan Fox - Transformers

Shia probably had to pay executive producer Steven Spielberg for the role, knowing this was his only chance to ever lock lips with someone so far out of his league.

And their relationship is really put to the test in the sequel when Sam goes off to college and Mikaela is left at home.

6. Kip & Lafawnduh - Napolean Dynamite

The lesson we all learned from ‘Napolean Dynamite,’ is that you, too, can transform from the geeky, computer chat room nerd to a slick, doo-rag wearing, hip hop star and bag ‘hot babes’ like the bootylicious Lafwanduh.

5. Jack Black & Kate Winslet - The Holiday

After Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Titanic,’ Kate Winslet surely downgraded replacing the heart throb with overweight Jack Black.

Kate is probably bitter that co-star Cameron Diaz was paired with Jude Law, which sounds like a much more appetizing holiday.

4. Mike Myers & Jessica Alba - The Love Guru

Dawning traditional Indian garb, complimented with an untamed beard, long hair, and Italian chef style moustache, this is about as unbelievable as Mike Meyer actually in an ashram.

3. Jack Nicholson & Amanda Peet - Something’s Gotta Give

It is a nauseating to picture Jack Nicholson as an over 50 swinger bedding woman half his age and as beautiful as Amanda Peet, but it leads you to wonder what the first thing that has gotta give is..

His hip? Or maybe his back? Most likely his libido.

2. Zac Efron & Nikki Blondksy - Hairspray

Self obsessed Zac Efron falls for pleasantly plump Nikki Blondksy in ‘Hairspray,’ but let’s hope Zac is the one falling because vise versa, Nikki is sure to crush his little frame.

1. Francois Damien & Audrey Tautou - Delicacy

Francois Damien captures your heart with his gap-tooth smile and gentle heart, and leaves you realizing that maybe it is the best friend, or the sweet co-worker, that just might be your perfect unlikely romance.

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