Donor Unknown

Donor Unknown

Starring:  Jeffrey S. Harrison, JoEllen Marsh, Danielle Pagano.
Director: Jerry Rothwell.
Rating: 3/5

After the success of The Kids Are Alright last year, which followed a lesbian couple who had had two children through artificial insemination, documentary Donor Unknown is perfectly timed.

Filmmaker Jerry Rothwell follows a group of youngsters who were conceived with the help of a sperm donor but now want to find the missing links in their family tree.

JoEllen Marsh, aged 20, has grown up with two mothers but always with a burning desire to know and try to connect with her father.

While the movie does delve into the backstory of many of her siblings her journey is the make hook of the film.

Rothwell then introduces us to Jeffrey Harrison, aka Donor 150, the 'father' to all of the kids in the film - a man than lives in a motorhome with his dogs on Venice Beach.

This is not a movie that focuses on the business side of artificial insemination but instead looks at the emotional journey that these young people go on in a bid to find a part of themselves.

It's a very personal journey for all the 'donor siblings' involved as they uncover more brothers and sisters before some finally come face to face with their donor father.

Donor Unknown is a movie that has treated the subject and those involved with the greatest of respect and this film has been made with the up most integrity.

There are no greater stories than human ones and Rothwell has delivered a film that is real and moving.

However the movie perhaps doesn't delve as deep as you would like into the sibling's relationships.

In all Donor Unknown is a heartfelt movie that follows young people trying to find a part of themselves - well worth a watch.

Donor Unknown is out now.

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