Fast Girls

Fast Girls

If there is one British movie that you shouldn't miss this summer then it's Fast Girls as it marks the directorial debut of filmmaker Regan Hall.

Perfectly timed with the Olympic just around the corner the movies follows a group of young athletes who are on the hunt for relay gold.

And we have a new clip from the movie for you to take a look at:

The movie has brought together a young and exciting cast and that cast is lead by Lenora Crichlow who has left being Human Behind and is now looking to forge an acting career.

Lily James, Lorraine Burroughs and Emma Fielding are on the cast list as well alongside Bradley James and Noel Clarke.

Clarke is in front of the camera this time around but he also has a hand in penning the script.

When sassy streetwise Shania (Lenora Crichlow) meets ambitious, middle class Lisa (Lily James), their two worlds collide on the athletics track with explosive results.

As the Fast Girls strive to qualify for a major world athletics championship, they battle adversity and rivalry on their dramatic, heartwarming and inspirational journey.

Fast Girls is released 15th June

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