Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is back on the big screen this week with his latest action movie Law Abiding Citizen.

And 2010 looks set to be just as busy for the actor with the likes of Bounty Hunter and How To Train Your Dragon on the horizon.

So to celebrate the release of the movie here are a few Gerard Butler facts.

1. Gerard originally trained to be a lawyer.  He graduated from Glasgow University with an Honours degree in Law, and was President of the Glasgow University Law Society. 

However, he was fired from his Scottish law firm just one week before he was due to qualify as a lawyer, for repeatedly turning up late and hungover!

2. He won an MTV Movie Award in 2007 for ‘Best Fight Scene’ for his role as King Leonidas in 300.

3. He is a very low-maintenance guy, asserting that his clean-shaven look in 300 was purely at the request of the director, "I only did that because I was told to! Manscaping and all of that is not my thing.

I'm more of the Clint Eastwood kind of guy."  He can normally be found in a beaten-up leather jacket and an old pair of jeans.

4. Despite his cool demeanour, Gerard maintains that he has made many embarrassing fashion faux-pas, "I've made some gross misjudgements".  In particular a pair of "really wide-flared pants" and "trousers that zip up the side".

5. Although he appears incredibly macho on screen, Gerard does have a sensitive side.  He has spoken of how emotional he felt when reading the Phantom of The Opera script for the first time, "I was wiping the tears off," he told reporters, "It really touched me in an incredible way."

Law Abiding Citizen is released 27th November.

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