Based on the 1996 award winning novel Push written by Sapphire, Precious is due to be released on the 23rd January and  delves into the life of a troubled teen.

Precious is a teenager with a difference, heavily overweight, poor, angry she faces abuse by her mother and gets raped by her drug addict father who is father to her two children.

At just 16 years old life has dealt her a poor hand and to escape the doom and gloom of her daily existences she escapes through her imagination.

While getting raped by her father she imagines herself in a music video with herself being the superstar. While looking at photo albums she imagines her self as a white, thin, blonde girl, the conventional pretty girl.

The movies tackles a whole range of issues and yes this is real life, people live this life, the more fortunate people like us however only get to see the ugly side shown through films, but the question I ask is this film too much for the cinema?

I myself like many other people I know go to watch films to escape the drag of everyday life. The cinema or a rental is something I can totally submerge myself in and spend those two hours totally worry free.

Everyday on the news we are faced with poverty, terrorism, murders and disasters that all effect our self esteem, even if you don’t think they effect you they have some have some effect on how we live our lives from day to day.

Should the money put into this film be better spent on something more uplifting and happy like Shrek or Enchanted were we can sing our worries away or does this film present us with a reality that we just don’t want to face?

Going to watch a film like Precious is an eye opener and yes this reality does exist but do we really want to watch it.? Yes I know we have a choice, no one forces us to buy that cinema ticket and spend our money on it but should it have been made?

Young girls who live through that situation will finally feel like they have a voice and that somewhere in the world someone is going through what they are, they are not alone.

Should a film really be the provider of this message when surely support and advice centres can provide a better message than this film.

It seems that films today can contain any message and people buy a ticket to watch them.

Films fills us with more knowledge on the world and make us see and appreciate what we have, and out of a truly depressing and down trodden film comes a glimmer of hope from any situation.

Precious is released nationwide 29th January.

Female First Natalie Broxton