Jaws remains one of the most loved movies of all time, as well as the film that really kicked off the idea of the blockbuster movie.

Jaws remains one of Steven Spilberg's greatest work and this September the movie comes to Blu-Ray for the very first time.

So here are a handful of facts about the movie that you may not know:

1. Early in pre-production, before the producers settled on building a mechanical shark, they seriously considered training a live shark.  

2. On the day of his arrival on Martha's Vineyard, Robert Shaw's home was sprayed with gunfire. The shooter didn't realise the place was occupied.  

3. Charlton Heston expressed a strong interest in playing Chief Brody. Steven Spielberg also considered Robert Duvall, who said he'd rather play Quint.  

4. Even after the crew eventually got the full-size mechanical shark working, it still could never move its tail to the right.  

5. During the shoot, Murray Hamilton (Mayor Vaughan) was attacked by a skunk while walking home one evening. He'd mistaken it for a cat, and had tried to pet it. The next day he had to burn his clothes.  

6. The actor playing Ben Gardner (whose rolling head supplies the movie's biggest shock moment) was real Martha's Vineyard fisherman Craig Kingsbury, one of the real-life inspirations for Quint.  

7. Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper) had never been on a boat before working on Jaws.  

8. After the shark is blown up and as it sinks to the floor, you can hear a monstrous roar, which is actually taken from The Creature From The Black Lagoon. The very same sound was used as the truck goes crashing off the cliff at the end of Spielberg's Duel.  

9. Fidel Castro was a big fan of Jaws.  

10. Spielberg's original concept for the final shot would be to riff on Hitchcocks' The Birds by pulling back revealing a sea full of shark fins.

Jaws is released on Blu-Ray 3rd September.

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