Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Name: Joaquin Phoenix

Age: 38

Character: Freddie Quell

Film: The Master

Synopsis: Set in America in the years following World War II, a charismatic intellectual (Hoffman) launches a faith-based organization and taps a young drifter (Phoenix) as his right-hand man.

But as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the onetime vagabond finds himself questioning the belief system he has embraced, and his mentor.

Previous Golden Globe Wins: Joaquin Phoenix has one Golden Globe win under his belt as he picked up Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Walk The Line

Previous Golden Globe Nominations:  He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Gladiator.

Award/Nominations for role: He has won Best Actor awards at the Austin Film Critics Association Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and Venice Film Festival.

He has also picked up nominations at the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, London Film Critics Circle Awards, New York Film Critics Circle Awards and Satellite Awards.

Critics: It is great to see Joaquin Phoenix back on the big screen as he delivers an incredibly tortured performance as Freddie Quell. - FemaleFirst

- It's a film bristling with vivid moments and unbeatable acting, but its interest is not in tidy narrative satisfactions but rather the excesses and extremes of human behaviour, the interplay of troubled souls desperate to find their footing. - Los Angeles Times.

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