King Of Devil's Island

King Of Devil's Island

Starring: Stellan Skarsgård, Kristoffer Joner, Benjamin Helstad, Trond Nilssen,

Director: Marius Holst

Rating: 4/5

A Marius Holst movie has not graced the big screen since 2007 and the release of Blodsband but now he is back with his fantastic new film King of Devil's Island.

Based on a true story King of Devil’s Island tells the unsettling tale of a group of young delinquents banished to the remote prison of Bastøy.

Under the guise of rehabilitation the boys’ daily regime is dictated by mental and physical abuse at the hands of their wardens.

The arrival of new boys Erling (Helstad) and Ivar (Magnus Langlete) spark a chain of events that ultimately ignite rebellion. King of Devil’s Island explores a sinister moment in Norwegian history that won’t be forgotten.

King of Devil's Island is one of the best movies to have graced the big screen so far this year as Holst has delivered a movie bleak and yet beautiful bit is full of fight.

What is so great about this film is the young cast are unknown actors and they deliver such heartbreaking performances - they really do drive this movie.

Benjamin Helstad is simply superb as Erling as he has courage to stand up against all that is wrong at the facility in a bid to protect that boys that live.

And that is supported by another great turn from Stellan Skarsgard as he plays the Governor of the facility.

It is a authoritative performance from the actor as a man who on the face of it has incredibly high morals and yet seems ready to overlook certain problems to avoid a scandal.

This is a hard-hitting movie about the abuse of power and the rather grim, cold and uninviting Norwegian winter is a fine backdrop to the film.

Holst has used this backdrop to great effect as it gives the film a real feeling of isolation and desolation as the boys are left to suffer away from prying eyes.

King of Devil's Island is a somber tale of suffering but also about an uprising from a group of boys who say 'enough is enough'.

There are some great performances throughout the film and Holst has delivered a movie that will leaves audiences with a lot to ponder.

King of Devil's Island is out now

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