The loudest premiere at the London Film Festival will soon be blasting onto the big screen nationwide, as selected cinemas crank it up to eleven for screenings of Lemmy during December.

If one man has come to epitomise rock and roll it is Motörhead singer and bass player Lemmy.  Over the past three and a half decades no other artist has had such an enduring impact on heavy metal music and with his 65th birthday approaching on Christmas Eve, Lemmy is rocking harder than ever.

Now discover what it is that has made this musician a cultural icon recognised and respected far beyond the confines of rock music in Lemmy.

Shot over the course of three years this film takes the viewer into Lemmy’s world like never before. Including extensive interviews with Lemmy himself, awesome live footage and anecdotes and accolades from some of the biggest names in rock including Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, and Slash and proving that Lemmy’s influence extends beyond the rock fraternity interviews with some unexpected fans including Jarvis Cocker, Mick Jones and New Order’s Peter Hook. 

However, what sets the film apart are the extensive interviews with Lemmy himself. Lemmy’s no nonsense style and dry wit make him one of the most quotable men in rock as he talks about everything from his enduring love of rock ‘n’ roll pioneers such as Little Richard and Elvis, through his extraordinary passion and knowledge of military history, to candid conversation about his personal life and family.

With Motörhead celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2010 and their latest tour thundering into the UK in November, there’s never been a better time to find out why in Lemmy’s world everything really is louder than everything else. 

So don’t miss the Lemmy screening in your area, and make it a Metal Christmas!

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