Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

2012 has, one the whole, been a fantastic year for movies with the likes of Avengers Assemble, The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall breaking the $1 billion barrier at the box office.

But where some movies have triumphed others will fail and there have been some really disappointing films over the last twelve months.

So as 2012 has now drawn to a close we take a look back as some of the films that left us feeling a little let down.


There was no greater let down on the big screen last year than Prometheus - a movie that promised much but didn't deliver.

It was exciting to see Ridley Scott back in the director's chair and returning to the 'Alien' franchise so to speak while Damon Lindelof penned the screenplay.

While the movie looked incredible - the special effects really were top draw - you couldn't really say the same for the story.

Sadly it was a bit of a jumbled mess and left you with more questions than it actually answered.

Prometheus was the most disappointing film of 2012 for me as it failed to live up to the early promise.

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John Carter

John Carter is based on the hugely successful book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs and had Andrew Stanton in the director's chair so - from the looks of things - this project had plenty going for it.

Not to mention Disney were the studio behind the movie so it was a film with a big budget and plenty of promise.

Burroughs' novels have been influencing sci-fi films for decades and we have already seen some of the coolest parts of the books in previous movies of this genre.

Would a straight forward adaptation just have been going back over old ground?

While the film is a visual delight there is just something cold and forgettable about the story and the characters.

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Taken 2

Now I have to admit when I heard that there was going to be a sequel Taken I was a little bit surprised as the first film was tied up quite nicely.

The trailer clearly featured all of the best bits and the film itself was a major disappointment - and I hate to say that about the great Liam Neeson.

Taken 2 plods the same line as the first film and yet it does it without the tension and the drive that made the first film so good.

The story is paper thin and the totally ridiculous and fans of the original, of which I was one, were left incredibly disappointed.

Lets hope that that is the end of the franchise because I don't want to sit through another movie like this.

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The Watch

It has been quite a quiet year for side splitting comedy movies but the Watch promised to change all of that.

Not only was Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill on the cast list but the script was penned by Seth Rogen - so should be pretty funny, right?

Wrong!!!!! You will struggle to get any laughs out of this movie at all and the cast really do the best with what they were given.

For such a talent cast and writers to fail so miserably is a real surprise but this movie was a major let down.

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Dark Shadows

Now I am a huge fan of both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and I love it when they come together for a collaboration.

But Dark Shadows is not one of their best movies together and it was another major disappointment of 2012.

Dark Shadows is a mix of horror, romance, teen angst, rivalry, family loyalty that it just gets bogged down in all of the different elements that the story really does lose its way.

Any collaboration between Burton and Depp does come with huge expectations but Dark Shadows came nowhere close to what we were expecting.

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Other movies that were a major let down this year was Rock of Ages, Battleship, Gambit and The Amazing Spider Man.

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