He is trying to fix his paintball gun. He is shooting it and fine-tuning it. Zack is constantly going in 100 different ways. I said 'Zack, what are you doing?' and he said 'Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out this trigger and practice.

We've got that paintball tournament coming up'. I said 'Zack, you can't rest and eat lunch like the rest of us?' He said 'No, I need to master this trigger. My sight is off'.

It must be inspiring for an actor to have a director that is so full of enthusiasm.

Definitely. I don't know how an actor could not sit with Zack for a few minutes and say 'No, I don't want to work with him'. It would be impossible. I remember having breakfast with him one morning. He had driven from his home in Pasadena.

It was pretty early in the morning but he showed up with all of his storyboards under his arm. This was eight months before we started filming and he was so excited to show me the storyboards.

I didn't even know at that stage if I had the part, but Zack was so hyped up. I was like 'Yeah, that's awesome. That's great'. When he left I thought 'Oh man I want to do this movie'. He would make a great car salesman.

Is Watchmen a  movie you would take your wife to go see?

I did take her to it. I usually drag my wife to comic book movies or genre movies and she doesn't always enjoy it. I took her to Watchmen and she really did love it. After we watched Watchmen she turned and said to me 'I have never seen anything like this.

That was so cool.' The great thing about it is you can sit back and let it roll over you. Yes it is thought-provoking and stir up a lot of controversy, but at the end it is a sensory overload.

My wife wouldn't lie about it. It's not just a guy's movie. I would say it is an adult movie, but not just a guy movie. My wife is the ultimate test.

Watchmen is out on DVD now.

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