Rosie Fellner

Rosie Fellner

Rosie Fellner is an actress who has enjoyed success both in TV as well as on the big screen over the years.

We last saw her in World War II movie Age of Heroes, alongside Sean Bean, and she is now lending her support to youth campaign Bite The Ballot.

I caught up with her to talk about the campaign as well as movie projects that are on the horizon.

- You are backing a Bite The Ballot campaign can you tell me a little bit about it?

Bite The Ballot is a campaign created by young people for young people. Its about inspiring people to vote.

In the last election 60% of people between 18-24 didn't bother to vote-thats enough people to have changed the outcome!

- The campaign was started by Michael Sani so how and why did you get involved?

I was asked to become a patron of the campaign, I was delighted as it really spoke to me, it's not politically inclined to any particular party, its about being part of our future, part of the democracy of our country. If we don't get involved how can we expect to change anything.

- The idea is to get more youngsters involved with politics why do you think teens are so disengaged with the political world?

There is a lot of negativity surrounding politics and we have seen those in power abuse their positions so often that we have no respect left. We need to find some positive role models and make politics about the greater good not self gratification and greed.

- They are the next generation of voters so what do you think now needs to be done to encourage them to take an active interest - and go to the polls when they turn 18?

I think what Bite the Ballot is doing by going into schools and having debates, discussions and interesting conversations about the future and how we can get involved is the first step to a larger change.

- Away from the campaign we saw you on the big screen earlier this years with Age of Heroes, which also starred Sean Bean and Danny Dyer so what attracted you to the project?

I have always wanted to make a 2nd World War movie. There is such a wealth of amazing stories from that period, true stories of men and women who's valour and sacrifice have given us our freedom today.

- Age of Heroes is a predominately male cast so how did you find being one of the few women on the cast list?

It was a lot of fun! I had lots of scenes with the dashing James D'Arcy who is wonderful and hilarious to work with. As are Danny and Sean, as you can imagine there was a lot of bravado and joking going around!

We also worked with Force Select, a lot of the nazis were played by real Army Marines, it was humbling to be working along side these guys that actually did it for real!

- I read that there may be a sequel is that true? If so what made you decide to reprise that role?

Yes, Age of Heroes is the first in a trilogy. Adrian Vitoria (the writer/director) made it very clear from the beginning that my character, Sophie Holbrook, went on to work 'in the field,' so to speak, in the next film.

It's a really wonderful role to play cause you see her go from the war office to being in the desert with the boys-she has some great gun action in the next film too, I am very excited!

- Two Jacks is the next movie that we are going to see you in so can you tell me a little bit about that?

The movie revolves around two different generations of a family across two decades;Its set in Hollywood so it has the glamorous side but is also pretty dark.  Its very funny cause Sienna Miller is actually playing my mum!

- In the film you take on the role of Lily, so can you talk to me about the character? And what was it about the character and the script that drew you to the role?

Lily is really the heart of the film; being set in Hollywood many of the characters have a lot of cynicism and she is really the innocent, sincere one amongst them.

A young girl wanting to get into acting, she falls in love with Jack (Jack Huston) and believes everything he says only to have her heart and dreams shattered.

There is also a love triangle with Jacks friend Paul (Guy Burnet). I loved the story and Lily from the moment I read the script. It was wonderful to play someone with such a beautiful outlook on life.

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