Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Following her iconic role as Carrie in Sex And The City, Sarah Jessica Parker has become an internationally renowned fashion goddess.

In Sarah Jessica’s latest film Did You Hear About The Morgans? her wardrobe takes a change from high fashion towards a more casual, country look.

This move away from the Monolo-wearing Carrie has jogged a memory in our minds that she perhaps hasn’t always been the fashionista that we admire today. Here, we look back at the good (and bad) decisions along the bumpy road to become the queen of couture…

- 1984 Footloose Rusty

Released over 25 years ago now, the countrified fashion of the deep south in the 80’s seems scarily familiar –Rusty’s big hair, off the shoulder jumper and skinny jeans is all very High Street 2009.

While just a few years ago we may have gasped – horrified – at the Eighties-ness of it all, once again this sort of thing has become not only acceptable, but applauded.

- 1992 Honeymoon in Vegas Betsy/Donna
As Nicolas Cages put upon wife Sarah Jessica is dressed in the skimpy dresses that will become her signature through the nineties.

While it’s not a look we’re particularly keen on these days (after all, it’s just not realistic that a real woman could wear that type of thing, is it?) she must have been doing something right, as she bagged Nicolas for a brief off screen affair while making this film.

-1993 Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson

Perhaps judging her fashion status while dressed as a witch may not be the fairest thing in the world, but we thought we’d give her an honorable mention here as even as a scary three-hundred year old witch the ladies got style.

- 1996 Mars Attacks! Nathalie Lake

Well, what can we say? Loving this film as we do, we won’t criticize too harshly, and but we really feel that as Sarah Jessica’s role is playing a fashion correspondent, things could have gone a bit better here…

- 1996 The First Wives Club Shelly Stewart

Dressed mainly in teeny-tiny dresses and overflowing with fur in this 90’s girl-power cvlassic, Sarah Jessica’s style takes a severe bashing as trailer-trash Shelly.

Compared to the tailored elegance of Annie, or Bette Midlers more mumsy approach to style in the film, dressed as Shelly Sarah Jessica looks no better than a husband stealing 20-something-year old should!

-2008 Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie is a testament to all things style worthy thorough the entire series run. While there are a few bloopers thrown in there for good style measure, it would be hard to find anywhere a star more fabulously attired than Carrie.

- 2009 Did You Hear About the Morgans? Meryl Morgan

As mentioned earlier Did You Hear About The Morgans?  (released 1st January 2012) finds Sarah Jessica somewhat more casually dressed. While this may come as a shock to those used to her in head to toe designer, it suits her perfectly.

Not known for being diva-like, a more casual and laid back look featuring mainly plaid shirts and jeans show her figure off in a way that feels more true to her natural clothing habitat, and as always she manages to make anything look amazing!

‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?’ - In cinemas January 1st