George Clooney

George Clooney

Ok so it's fair to say that over the years we have swooned at some of the hot TV doctors, oh yes there have been a few.

But it's British actor Hugh Laurie how is grabbing all the headlines in U.S. medical drama House and to celebrate the release of the fifth season of the show on DVD we took a look at some of the  hottest male TV doctors.

- George Clooney as Doug Ross in ER

George Clooney shot to fame when he took on the role of Doug Ross in hit show ER back in 1994 and it was a role that he held until 1999.

A womaniser Ross dated a string of women throughout his seasons on the show but falls in love with nurse Carol Hathaway.

But in season five Ross leaves Chicago for Seattle but Carol chooses not to go with him, only to reunite in season six after she gives birth to twin girls.

Ross makes a brief appearance in the final season of the show working as an attending physician at the University of Seattle Medical Centre.

- Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck

Julian has taken on the role of Christian Troy in Nip/Tucj since the show began back in 2003.

The show revolves around McNamara/Troy, the plastic surgery practice he runs with his business partner and best friend, Sean McNamara.

From the off Christian was a womaniser and has had a string of affairs, including Sean's wife Julia resulting in Julia falling pregnant with Matt.

However it's not been an easy rider for Christian as he faced the demons of his past; admitting that he was molested by his foster father before being told by his biological mother that he was a product of rape.

In season five he developed second stage breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. But by the end of the season it's good news and he is in full remission

- Eric Dane on Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy

Eric Dane appeared as Dr Mark Sloan in season two as he travelled to Seattle to try and convince Addison to return to New York.

Sloan had been childhood friends with Derek Shepherd but destroyed that friendship when he had an affair with Addison, Derek's wife. After Derek left New York Addison discovered that she was pregnant with Mark's baby.

But Addison had abortion because of rumours that mark had been unfaithful to her and she followed Derek to Seattle.

But by the end of season two Addison had rejected Mark's advances and he returns to New York alone only to return in season three.

But by the latest series of the show Mark is now building a relationship with Lexie and they have moved in together.

- Shane West plays Dr. Ray Barnett on ER

Shane West joined ER back in 2004 as Ray Barnett an intern at County but he struggles to balance him commitments as a doctor with his music aspirations.

But when his band decide that he isn't as committed as they are and they leave him behind as they go off to tour.

Ray strikes up a friendship with fellow intern Neela and she moves in with him when she finds that she has no where to live.

At the time Neela is married to Michael Gallant but their felling for one another grow. After Gallant's death their friendship continues to grow, only to be interrupted by Tony Gates.

After a fight with Gates, over Neela, a drunken Ray is hit by a truck and loses both his legs and returns home to be cared for by his mother.

He returned to the show at the end of season fifteen when he returns to Chicago to see Neela. The pair are reunited at the end of episode twenty as Neela leaves County for a position at Duke University's Hospital.

- Patrick Dempsey plays Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey has been with medical drama Grey's Anatomy from the very beginning as neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd.

In the opening season he begins dating surgical intern Meredith Grey only for their relationship to halt at the appearance of Derek's estranged wife Addison who wants to give their marriage another go.

After choosing to be with his wife Derek admits that he is in love with Meredith, who has been dating Finn Dandridge before choosing to be with Derek.

By season five the pair are moving in together and by the end of the series the pair perform their own private wedding ceremony.

- Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter on ER

Over the years ER have churned out some good looking doctors and Noah Wyle's John Carter is one of the favourites.

The actor joined the show in 1994 and stayed for eleven consecutive seasons before bowing out to move to Africa to marry and be with Kem.

Over the years the doctor has had much to deal with including being stabbed by a schizophrenic patient and develops a drug addiction.

He has also romanced a string of women during his time in Chicago including Abby Lockhart, Susan Lewis and Wendall Meade before meeting Kem while in Africa.

But in true Carter style things don't run smoothly as Kem loses their baby. Carter returned in the final series of the show as he returns to Chicago to get a kidney transplant.

After the surgery he opens the Joshua Carter Centre, a medical clinic for the underprivileged.

- Matthew Fox plays doctor Jack Shepherd on Lost.

Matthew Fox shot to fame in hit American show Lost as Dr Jack Shephard who finds himself stranded  on an island with a group of strangers after the plane he was on crashes.

Jack had travelled to Sydney and discovers that his father has died of a heart attack from his alcohol abuse. Jack boards Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 bound for Los Angeles on September 22, 2004 with his father's casket in the cargo hold of the plane.

He finds himself the leader of the group of survivors as he clashes with Sawyer and falls in love with Kate.

House Season 5 DVD is out now.

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