Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox takes the big screen once again this week for Jennifer's Body, which is written by the woman responsible for Juno; Diablo Cody.

But at the age of twenty three Megan Fox does seem to be a little bit too old for high school. However actors being a little big too old to be gracing the halls of a high school is a little bit of a trend.

We take a look at some actors who aren't just too cool for school but way to old for school.

Musical mega hit Grease is a big culprit for hiring actors who really, really shouldn't be playing teenagers.

How many of you knew that Olivia Newton John was actually thirty when she sewed herself into those tight leather pants and told John Travolta he was the one that she wanted?

Thirty I know! Stockard Channing, who plays Betty Rizzo, goes one better yes she was a whopping thirty four when she passed herself off as eighteen.

Stacey Dash had almost hit the big 30 when she took on the role of Dionne in Clueless at the age of twenty nine.

Released in 1995 the movie was based on Jane Austen's book Emma and also starred Alicia Silverstone who, you will be glad to hear, was nineteen at the time.

And our very own Clarinda Nagra is also guilty of this heinous crime when, at the age of twenty seven, she took on the role of eighteen year old football crazy Jess Bhamra.

It's not just actresses that are making themselves appear young oh no the actors are also getting in on the act.

One of the biggest culprits comes in the form of Michael J Fox was twenty four when he played Marty McFly in Back to the Future in 1985, before going onto Teen Wolf the same year.

He reprised the role of the time-travelling Marty on two more occasions at the age of twenty eight and twenty nine, Marty was supposed to be seventeen by the way.

But the actor who really pushed the boat on the real age compared to character age comes in the form of Tom Hanks who, at the age of thirty eight, played a fifteen year old Forrest Gump.

Now as much as I love Mr Hanks and the movie Forrest Gump perhaps with hindsight, and hindsight is a wonderful thing, this was a tad far-fetched.

Jennifer's Body is out now.

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