Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths

The filmography of Seven Psychopaths star Woody Harrelson is nothing short of varied. Having come an awfully long way from his modest beginnings with the cast of Cheers in 1985, his role as the country bartender Woody Boyd jumpstarted his eclectic career.

Ranging through dramas, comedies and thrillers, Woody Harrelson’s repertoire of films is impressive and lengthy. Here we take a look into the development of his career over the years.

After his humble beginnings in Cheers, Harrelson’s film debut was Wildcats, a 1986 football comedy also starring Goldie Hawn.

In the 1993 film Indecent Proposal¸ Harrelson starred alongside Robert Redford and Demi Moore in this love story drama. When David (Harrelson) and Diana Murphy (Moore) travel to Las Vegas and gamble away all of their savings, billionaire John Gage(Redford) offers David one million dollars for a night with his wife. A contract is drawn and drama ensues in this classic film.

After that drama, Harrelson played the part of Mickey Knox, a married mass murderer in the crime/action film Natural Born Killers. This twisted film follows the lives Mickey and Mallory (Juliette Lewis) as media-glorified psychotic murderers.

Kingpin, another 1996 film, is a slapstick comedy about the life of Roy Munson (Harrelson), a former bowling prodigy. Kingpin follows Roy as he attempts to groom another bowling prodigy and the journey that unfolds with their attempt to win big in the bowling tournament.

Woody Harrelson’s career gained great momentum later in 1996 when he starred in Milos Forman’s true-life tale, The People vs Larry Flynt.

This film follows the life of Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, as played by Harrelson. Portraying the infamous wheelchair-bound porn crusader earned Harrelson a nomination for a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for Best Actor.

In 1999, Harrelson played a minor role as Sergeant Keck in The Thin Red Line, a war film nominated for seven Academy Awards. The Thin Red Line grossed almost twice its budget, with critical response very strong and was even called 'the greatest contemporary war film' yet. 

From 1998 until 2007, Harrelson appeared in a number of films, but his next big hit was the Oscar-winning thriller No Country for Old Men (2007).

Harrelson had a small but key role as Carson Wells, a bounty hunter. Based on the novel of the same name by Cormac McCarthy, the thriller directed by the Coen brothers won a number of awards.

The Messenger dramatically follows the life of a lone rebellious war hero U.S. Army Staff Sergeant through his return from Iraq and the struggle of his job of giving notice to the families of fallen soldiers.

Many critics consider his performance as Captain Tony Stone in The Messenger to be his best role, earning him many nominations for awards and winning him the Best Supporting Actor award in 2009.

Released in the UK on 5 December 2012, Seven Psychopaths is a comedic tale of an unlikely group of ‘dog-nappers’ who find themselves in trouble with the violent gangster Charlie (Harrelson) when they steal his beloved Shih Tzu.

Harrelson perfectly portrays the unpredictable and extremely violent dog lover in this hilarious adventure.

Seven Psychopaths is released in the UK on 5 December 2012.

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