Wrath Of The Titans

Wrath Of The Titans

Starring: Sam Worthington, Rosamund Pike, Toby Kebbell, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Rating: 3/5

It has been two years since Clash of the Titans was remade for the big screen and now with a new director at the helm in for form of Jonathan Liebesman the franchise is back.

Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are back as Perseus, Zeus and Hades but there are a whole host of new faces on the cast list.

A decade after his heroic defeat of the monstrous Kraken, Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus, is attempting to live a quieter life as a village fisherman and the sole parent to his 10-year old son, Helius.

Perseus cannot ignore his true calling when Hades, along with Zeus' godly son, Ares (Edgar Ramírez), switch loyalty and make a deal with Kronos to capture Zeus. The Titans' strength grows stronger as Zeus' remaining godly powers are siphoned, and hell is unleashed on earth.

I love this blockbuster season because we are treated to a whole host of movies that you can just get lost in, and Wrath of Titans is one of them.

It’s by no means the best blockbuster movie that we will see this summer but this is an exciting ride from start to finish that aimed to give audiences more than its predecessor.

Sam Worthington is once again torn between wanting to lead a quiet life and stepping up to the plate and fulfilling his destiny as the son of Zeus.

It’s a rough and ready role for Worthington that sees him in the thick of the action from the very beginning, he really does have to harness that Aussie accent as it breaks through one too many times.

Visually the movie works really well and the special effects really are top draw, some of the creature creations this time around really are superb - I am a big fan of the Cyclops characters.

What I liked about the first movie was the warring brothers Zeus and Hades but sadly their relationship does descend a little into soap opera - which is a major shame.

But there are some comic elements thrown in there thanks to Toby Kebbell and Bill Nighy, both of which are great additions to the franchise.

Wrath of the Titans is a solid blockbuster than has some great action moments and great set pieces but the story is the major let down as it does get a little carried away with itself. 

Wrath of the Titans is out now

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