Jake Gyllenhaal is set to turn his hand to the rom-com this summer, as he will return to the big screen in Accidental Love.

Accidental Love

Accidental Love

We don't often see Gyllenhaal in a rom-come but Accidental Love see the Oscar nominated actor teams up with Jessica Biel, who takes on the central role of Alice Eckle in the film.

Gyllenhaal and Biel are joined by a terrific supporting cast as Catherine Keener, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, and James Brolin are all also on board.

Accidental Love is a movie that looked like it would never make it to the big screen with difficult financing and director David O. Russell leaving the project. However, a new trailer for the film has arrived:

Russell was originally in the director's chair and had a hand in penning the screenplay for Accidental Love. However, he left the project in 2010 after financing issue and the film has been completed without his involvement.

Accidental Love follows Alice Eckle (Biel), a somewhat naïve roller-skating waitress in a small Indiana town, who is about to get engaged to her trooper boyfriend, Scott (Marsden). At the fancy Gondola restaurant when Alice has an engagement ring on her finger, a clumsy workman accidentally shoots her in the head with a nail gun.

Seconds before the nail is removed the surgeons are forced to abandon the operation due to Alice's lack of health insurance, leaving the nail lodged in her head and causing strange erratic behaviour. Her fiancé, Trooper Scott, then has a change of heart on their marriage, feeling the nail embedded in his wife-to-be's head will cause more trouble than it's worth.

Alice then heads to Washington D.C. to meet the charming but rather clueless Congressman Howard Birdwell (Gyllenhaal) who has vowed 'to help all the people'. So Alice ventures to Washington D.C. o petition for his introducing a health care bill. When the two meet sparks fly, and they realise that their love could interfere with what they stand for.

Accidental Love is based on the book Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore and Gore has had a hand in adapting the book into a screenplay.

Accidental Love may be a movie that has faced a whole heap of problems during production, but it will finally reach the big screen this summer.

Accidental Love is released 19th June.

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