Sci-fi is a genre that has really defined Ridley Scott as a filmmaker and he is still best remembered for his achievements with Alien.

This movie is not only one of the most iconic movies of the seventies but it is a film that paved the way for other science fiction movies over the years.

The movies, it's characters and it's defining moments have endured in the thirty years since it's release to make it one of the best films in it's genre.

The movie defined the action hero as Scott changed the character of Ripley from a man to a woman, famously played by Sigourney Weaver.

The movie showed that a. an actress could hold and lead a movie of this size and genre but b. also be as badass as any man.

Sigourney Weaver would go on to reprise the role in further movies and it remains her most famous part.

But Alien is a tense and horrifying piece of cinema which really did set the bar when it came to this genre.

Technically it was just superb as the alien itself was one of the scariest enemies ever created up to that point.

The alien out of the chest moments remains one of the best ever committed to screen - and while it has been copied in various ways over the years it has never quite had the same impact.

The slow pace of the film all but adds to the chills while the claustrophobic feel of the being trapped in the spaceship creates even more tension.

Even with today's advances in film technology and special effects it certain stands up, and betters in most cases, the sci-fi/space movies of today.

Alien is a movie that really has stood the test of time as Scott showed what really could be achieved in this genre.

The movie paved the way for action heroines and this movie really doesn't look it's age!!

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