It was back in 1937 when Walt Disney released their first feature length animation movie. Since then, they have gone on to be a powerhouse and leading light in this genre and been behind some of cinema's most iconic movies.



It was 1942 when Bambi hit the big screen and was the fifth film from the studio - it remains one of the most groundbreaking as well as one of the best.

The movie follows a young deer growing up in the forest, his childhood, his woodland friend, and coping with the unexpected death of his mother. We later see him as an adult, his courtship with Faline and starting their own family together.

During the years between Snow White and Bambi, Disney had improved their animation technique with Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Dumbo all hitting the big screen. This development in technique meant that Bambi really was a visual treat as the forest was brought to life - this was the first Disney movie that was set entirely in nature - it would be a format that Disney would repeat throughout the years.

The major reason why Bambi is such an iconic and influential Disney movie is because it was the first to really explore death, the death of a parent, and tragedy. While it was a landmark moment in animation storytelling it wouldn't be until The Lion King in the nineties when this plot device would be used again to such huge effect by Disney.

Bambi was a major milestone in children's animation and it remains one of the best Disney films - it really is one of my favourites.

It is the sophistication of the animation that really elevates this movie to the iconic film that we all know it to be. The animation is bright, alive, and lush and it is a film where you can really see the development of the Disney animators when compared to the earlier movies.

Bambi is just one of those timeless movies as themes of losing a parent and tragedy are ones that will always be relevant and are ideas that all generations can identify with.

Away from the groundbreaking nature of the film, Bambi is just a wonderful movie, packed with interesting character, laughs, and total heartbreak. For me, Bambi is one of the ultimate coming of age movies and it is a story that does stay with you long after the credits of rolled - no matter how old you are or how many times you have seen the film.

From start to finish, Bambi is a moving and touching movie and yet, it is never a film that drifts into sentiment; which is something coming of age movies can be guilty of from time to time.

Bambi is a movie that has endured because it is a wonderful story, colourful character, and animation that is breathlessly beautiful. No studio makes animation movies like Disney and while many of these films are now driven by CGI, it is the original hand-drawn movies that will always have a special place in my heart.

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