Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

The supernatural/fantasy film has been a real favourite with filmmakers and audiences and the have produced some great couples.

This week we are introduced to another as Beautiful Creatures hits the big screen and we follow the relationship of Lena and Ethan.

So to celebrate the release of the film we take a look at some of the best couples in this genre.

- Bella and Edward in Twilight Saga

Of course we can't talk about supernatural/fantasy couple without kicking off with Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

A human and a vampire, on paper, not a great mix but they couldn't say away from each other.

The pair face more dangers than I care to mention and it is a battle to stay together - a temporary split in New Moon doesn't do either of them any good.

Despite all of these challenges the pair get married, have a child and, eventually, live happily ever after as Bella is turned into a vampire and the Cullen's and their friends see off the Volturi.

Bella and Edward's relationship captured the imagination of fans of the film and it has become on of the most loved in film history.

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- Liz and Hellboy in Hellboy

Hellboy hit the big screen back in 2004 and saw Ron Perlman and Selma Blair take on the roles of Hellboy and Liz; a demon and young woman with pyrokinetic abilities.

While Hellboy is desperate to have Liz with him at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence but she is afraid of her ability and pushes him away.

But a near death experience for Liz draws the pair together again as they both realise what they truly want.

However their relationships is complicated further in the second film when Liz discovers that she is pregnant and the two struggle with the idea of parenthood.

The Liz/Hellboy relationships is the real core of the film as it is packed with humour and is a 'real' element in the middle of all the monsters.

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- Arwen and Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

There are few women in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and so scenes with the beautiful Liv Tyler are somewhat refreshing.

Arwen and Aragon's relationship begins long before the start of The Fellowship of the Ring but it is put under pressure by Aragon's kingly destiny and Elrond wants his daughter to make the journey to the Undying Lands.

But when Arwen has a vision that where she sees her son she stays in Middle Earth but she begins to fade.

Arwen survives the dark times in Middle Earth and she reunites with Aragorn as he is crowned king.

Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen have very few scenes together in the film but their relationship and the desire to be together hangs over the entire movie.

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- Victoria and Victor in Corpse Bride

I love a bit of stop motion animation and director Tim Burton does it so well.

Corpse Bride hit the big screen back in 2005 and followed the shy and bumbling Victor as he gets himself into a spot of other.

Victor and Victoria - voiced by Johnny Depp and Emily Watson - are set to wed in an arranged marriage but it all goes wrong when he accidentally marries a corpse (Emily) whilst practicing his vows in the forest.

But Victoria stands by her man and tries to help him out of his sticky situation. But she faces problems of her own as her parents decide to marry her off to Lord Barkis - who only wants her money.

Lord Barkis' dark history is uncovered and Emily sets Victor free so he can be with Victor.

Victor and Victoria's relationship looks doomed from the start by they stick together and find a way through their problems - love really does conquer all.

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- Lena and Ethan in Beautiful Creatures

This week sees a new relationship tested as witch Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) falls for Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich).

The film follows Lena and Ethan two strangers who are inextricably linked by supernatural events that took place long before they were born.

Even when Lena confesses to being a 'Caster,' a witch, and warns him that he could be hurt just by being with her, Ethan’s affections are unwavering - but she fears for his safety.

So she makes an incredible sacrifice: she erases their love from Ethan’s memory. But their connection is inescapable, and as Darkness closes in on Lena, she will have to choose between saving Ethan and holding on to everything else she cares about.

The love of Lena and Ethan is set to be the latest supernatural love story to hit the big screen and it promises to be a real treat for fans of this genre.

Beautiful Creatures is out now.

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