Scene from The Boy in the woods about surviving the holocaust
The Boy In The Woods

A remarkable true-life story of survival is brought to life in a powerful new feature, The Boy in the Woods. Following its World premiere at Toronto International Film Festival and its UK premiere at Manchester Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award, the acclaimed film is now set for its UK debut this May thanks to 101 Films.

When Nazi soldiers arrive in Buczacz to forcibly relocate the remaining Jewish inhabitants, Max (Jett Klyne) narrowly escapes death as his mother urges him to run away from the trucks they’re about to board. Alone in the woods, he finds refuge with a compassionate farmer, Jasko (Richard Armitage) and his wife (Masa Lizdek), who shelter him at great risk to themselves in return for help around the farm.

This award-winning, must-watch movie is based on Maxwell Smart’s #1 bestselling novel and directed by Rebecca Snow (Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust), who co-wrote the screenplay with the author. It tells the heart-wrenching story of a young Jewish boy’s determination to survive against all odds in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.

But with the SS closing in and the threat of discovery looming, they decide it’s too dangerous for them to keep him hidden. At the risk of losing their lives, they’re compelled to send Max deeper into the dense forest in the hope he can survive until the war ends.

As he sets off in fear, he knows he must endure the dark and cold woods and do everything he can to avoid his cruel pursuers. Showing unbelievable strength and courage in the face of adversity, he not only fends for himself, but also takes responsibility to help others along the way.

Scenes from The Boy In The Woods
Scenes from The Boy In The Woods

A truly inspiring tale of resilience in the darkest of times, this unforgettable film testifies to the courage and determination of one of World War II’s many unsung heroes: The Boy in the Woods.


Richard Armitage (The HobbitFool Me Once, ObsessionChristopher Heyerdahl (Hell on WheelsVan Helsing), Jett Klyne (WandaVisonDr Strange in the MultiverseThe Marvels), David Kohlsmith (Shazam!, Chucky, The Christmas Chronicles), Masa Lizdek (The Handmaid’s TaleSimulant)

Released on digital 27 May 2024