One of the notorious 1980s video nasties Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker has been lauded as ‘Brilliantly insane (Cool Ass Cinema) and a ‘horror gem, well-crafted, ripe for analysis… should not go overlooked (Bloody Disgusting) and now, thanks to Severin Films, you can witness the film like never before. The company announces a brand-new Special Edition Dual 4K UHD and Blu-ray is set for its UK release on 13 May 2024.

Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker

Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker

In a surprising change of direction, William Asher – veteran of gentle TV delights such as I Love Lucy and Bewitched – directed one of the most joltingly brutal, psychosexual shockers of the ‘80s, the eye-poppingly violent and demented Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker, which can now be experienced for the first time ever in UHD. 

This controversial horror stars character actor Susan Tyrrell (Fat CityCry-Baby) in ‘a show-stealing performance’ (Bloody Disgusting), as the insanely brilliant lead Cheryl Roberts, who will stop at nothing to ensure her nephew, high-school student Billy Lynch (Jimmy McNichol – Smoky Bites the DustCalifornia Cowboys), never returns to his parents’ home.

Following a devastating car ‘accident’, Billy is forced to live with his strangely overprotective psychotic aunt, who soon becomes implicated in a grisly murder that sees a police investigation led by an equally unhinged police detective (Bo Svenson – Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill: Vol. 2). Seven times Emmy® nominee Julia Duffy (Palm RoyaleScream QueensNewhart) and Bill Paxton (AliensApollo 13Twister), in one of his first film roles, also star in this ‘jaw-dropping hunk of genre insanity’ (Pop Culture Beast). 

The former DPP 39 Video Nasty – also known as Night Warning – is now scanned in 4K from the negative with hours of new Special Features including new audio commentaries and is presented in a stunning new slip case.

Meet the Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker as Severin Films bakes up this this must-own physical release. 


  • Audio Commentary with Star Jimmy McNichol
  • Audio Commentary with Co-Writer/Producer Steve Breimer And Co-Writer Alan Jay Glueckman, Moderated By Mondo Digital’s Nathaniel Thompson
  • Audio Commentary with Co-Producer and Unit Production Manager Eugene Mazzola
  • Extreme Prejudice – Interview with actor Bo Svenson
  • Point and Shoot – Interview with Director of Photography Robbie Greenberg
  • Family Dynamics – Interview with Editor Ted Nicolaou
  • Cast and Crew Interviews with actors Jimmy McNichol, Susan Tyrrell and Steve Eastin, Make-Up Artist Allan A. Apone and Producer Steve Breimer
  • Trailer
  • TV Spot


Title:  Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker Special Edition UHD/Blu-ray Release Date: 13 May 2024 Cat No: SEVU8791 Run time: 93 mins

Title: Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker Standard Blu-ray Release Date: 13 May 2024 Cat No: SEVBD8807 Run time: 93 mins


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