Deadpool is a character we all know and love, from his sense of humour to his love of pink unicorns and killing bad guys. Ryan Reynolds technically played the character in 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we don’t talk about that.

Colossus and Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

Colossus and Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

Reynolds became the best version of Deadpool in 2016, when his first solo film came out. Since then, comic book fans have fallen in love with the obnoxious and violent character as his comedy is some of the best from any movie.

Deadpool showed us the origins of the character, as Wade Wilson (Reynolds) sought to solve his medical troubles by agreeing to take part in underground tests to cure his many types of cancer; probably not the best idea.

Wade leaves his girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), after years of them growing as a couple and appreciating the smaller things in life. He leaves because “cancer is a sh*t show”, and doesn’t want her to see him go through it.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin in Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios
Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin in Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

Despite this being a little ridiculous seeing as though she would do anything for and with him, Wade still leaves and confides in his bar-owner friend, Weasel (T. J. Miller).

After being approached by a shady guy in the corner of the bar, Wade decides to take him up on his offer and go through some experiments in order to cure his cancer; little did he know that Ajax (Ed Skrein) is prepared to kill him to figure out if he has a mutation or not...

So, Wade gets his ‘power’ after quite a lot of torture, and once he escapes, the film follows him as he decides to track down Ajax for turning him into a monster.

Deadpool really is a masterpiece; on top of all the self-deprecating jokes, funny comments, and somewhat rude slurs, we have a character that has a lot of hurt behind him, but powers through in his own unique way.

Reynolds was made for this role, which is made clear in every scene and through every fourth-wall break. The realisation that he’s in a movie makes it even better, and Deadpool’s interactions with other characters makes this both the perfect comedy and action film.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

Colossus (Stefan Kapičić), an X-Men character seen before, is a shining example of a perfect hero, or so he thinks. He is constantly telling Deadpool how to be a heroic figure, to which Wade usually replies with a sarcastic comment, or a mention of Colossus’ rear end.

Deadpool, for all its comedic and perfectly-shot action moments, knows exactly when to change the tone to something more serious. There are some moments that would only work with a humorous setting (which is most of the film), but some scenes need a calmer and more focused atmosphere.

This film is perfect when it comes to characters, atmosphere and comedy; and the movie really hit the mark with the storyline, too. A simple revenge plot that allowed Wade to shine is his own, weird way, and for other characters to only add to his obnoxious and childish attitude.

Essentially, Deadpool is the perfect film. Every scene looks phenomenal, and it well-balances moments of violence, comedy and melancholy, creating the ideal environment to tell a story like Deadpool’s; one with brilliant structure and character-building, but also genuinely funny comedy.

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios
Ryan Reynold's Deadpool / Picture Credit: 20th Century Studios

While this film has a lot going for it, the best part is perhaps Deadpool’s relationship with his taxi driver, Dopinder (Karan Soni).

The two are the perfect match, and Dopinder’s demeanour is a mix between fun and nervous; this is even funnier as his laid-back nature allows Mr. Pool, as he calls him, to pay with a “crisp high-five”, rather than money.

This film warranted a fantastic sequel, one that brought us a brilliant mix of new characters, and a new story focusing on Deadpool’s softer side, if you can call it that.

Wade Wilson is a man followed by pain, but his positive and somewhat questionable defence mechanism makes him rather relatable, and a character you want more and more of the more you see him.

Deadpool is an example of why comedy and action can be the perfect pair; there isn’t a single let-down joke in the entire film and the serious tones flow expertly well. The backstory of the character, coupled with his comedic personality, proves perfectly that Deadpool is as resilient as he is funny.

Check out the trailer for Deadpool below!

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