Starring: Danny Dyer, Anna Walton
Director: J.K. Amalou
Rating: 2.5/5

After taking a year away from making movies Danny Dyer is back this week with his latest project Deviation, one of potentially three movies with director J.K. Amalou.

Dyer admits that this movie takes him back to basics as he and co-star Anna Walton carry the movie from the first scene to the last.

When Frankie (Danny Dyer), a dangerous psychopath on the run, car-jacks young nurse Amber (Anna Walton) and takes her hostage to aid his escape out of the country, it’s the start of a long night.

Stuck in the car with a madman, Amber is forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Frankie as, by morning, only one of them will be left alive...

Dyer & Walton must be applauded for their central performances as they really are in every single scene from start to finish as their relationship and the situation that they find themselves in really does drive the movie.

This is a very back to basics performance from Dyer, as well as being something new for the actor, as he plays the troubled Frankie.

Emotionally the character is all over the place and Dyer handles that well as he goes from nice as pie one minutes and crying over someone he has killed the next.

Walton is also good as Amber as she tries to play the dangerous situation and get under Frankie's skin in a bid to get away.

There is a real claustrophobic feel to the film Amalou traps the audience in the car with this madman and his victim and - for a while at least - it works well.

But the movie loses it's momentum towards the end and the tension doesn't build but really just ebbs away.

Unfortunately the movie doesn't have that great crescendoing conclusion it is a little predicable it has to be said.

There are some really nice elements to this movie, two cast members carrying the movie being a particular highlight.

But J.K. Amalou's inexperience really does show, this is only his second feature film, and you would just how tension filled the end would have been in more experienced hands.

Deviation is out in cinemas now

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